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411’s Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #797, The Terrifics #1, More

March 8, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Amazing Spider-Man 797

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Yesterday we took A Look at Stan Lee’s Latest Troubles!

Now on with the show!

Fighting American: The Ties That Bind #1

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

In 1954, NELSON FLAGG took part in an experimental US Military procedure that saw his mind transferred into the enhanced and revitalized body of his dead brother, JOHNNY FLAGG, to become America’s first and only superhero, FIGHTING AMERICAN!

63 years later, FIGHTING AMERICAN and his sidekick, SPEEDBOY, have found themselves marooned in the 21st Century.

With MADAME CHAOS now safely behind bars, FA and SB have begun the mammoth task of tracking down all of the stolen PROFESSOR DYLE TWISTER tech that she sold on the Dark Web to every whack-job, fanatic, terrorist and weirdo she could find.

Meanwhile, one of FA’s old 1950s villains (sent through time by CHAOS LAD), the notorious DOUBLE HEADER, is now the head of the FBI and starting to make life difficult for our two-fisted man of action.

Unholy Grail TPB Vol. 1

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

“Collecting all five issues of this hit AfterShock series!

Arthur Pendragon was the king of all Britain. His story is legendary. Merlin. The Lady of the Lake. Excalibur. Camelot. The Knights of the Round Table. But these stories are bright lies painted over the truth. Here is presented the gospel of Arthur’s bloody rise to power and his unholy reign. The legend of King Arthur is not the stuff of legends, but the fuel of nightmares.

As Arthur descends into darkness, is there any lingering hope that he still might do something good?

From writer Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool) and artist Mirko Colak (Punisher) comes a Lovecraftian take on the Arthurian legend that HAD to be told at AfterShock!”

Amazing Spider-Man #797

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

“The Green Goblin is back — and scarier than ever! Dan Slott has saved his most harrowing Spider-Man story for last as he and Stuart Immonen kick off the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story ten years in the making. Osborn got his crazy back and has a plan that’ll make all his past plans look like child’s play. Peter Parker and the people he loves (ALL of them) are in deep trouble. And who or what is the RED GOBLIN?! The only way Spider-Man survives is to GO DOWN SWINGING!”

This is a tough book talk about without revealing SPOILERS and I definitely don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Dan Slott delivers a story that’s familiar but with a twist of the unexplored as he takes the Spider-Man universe into new territory. This book throws a lot at the reader and I went back a few times to take it all in.

A rock solid issue that opens the door to some amazing developments. Stay spoiler-free and grab this issue…if you can find it!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero vs. The Six Million Dollar Man #1

Review by RobF

When a 70’s icon meets and 80’s staple there is excitement abound. Writer Ryan Ferrier and artist SL Gallant take the Real American Heroes and match them up against the world’s greatest weapon with the world hanging in the balance. How does Cobra fit into all this? And is this comic worth picking up?

Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, was a huge part of the 1970’s. GI Joe, the 1980’s. It’s surprising that it’s taken this long for them to meet. To sum up the plot Austin has been brainwashed to help Cobra, who has taken over the world’s banks, defeat the Joes. It’d simple and straightforward plot to quickly get them together, almost too simple. With all the crossovers these days there should be a higher standard so it’s a little disappointing to read such a simple story.

SL Gallant’s layouts with Brian Shearer’s inks and James Brown’s colors make this an action movie come to life. The action is fast and furious and adds something to the average plot.

Nostalgia buffs and fans of either series will find this an enjoyable issue. For me, I was hoping for a little more plot. It’s still something I would recommend, I’m hoping as the series moves on it gets better.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10

The Terrifics #1

Review by John Pumpernickel

I’ve been a fan of the Fantastic Four for years. It was one of the first comics I put on my pull list at the local comic book store and I stuck with it, good or bad, for the better part of a decade.

You can imagine my disappointment when the book ended with little to know hope for a comeback.

You can also imagine my excitement when I heard DC was launching The Terrifics. Thanks to the events of “Dark Nights: Metal”, we get a new origin with a new team that’s filled with some familiar characters.

Mister Terrific, Metamorpho, the Element Man, Plastic Man, and Phantom Girl make up The Terrifics. Thanks to the Dark Multiverse that has invaded the DC Universe using specific elemental metals as a conduit for its power, this dark mirror is creating plenty of chaos.

That’s where the Terrifics come in.

The concept of the team isn’t ground breaking and it feels a little like DC is trying to put their spin on the Fantastic Four. The first issue sets things up OK and gives me just enough to come back for issue 2. There’s a lot going on but we need a little more steak to add to the sizzle.

Once the team finds their legs and their identity away from Metal, this could be a solid book.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10

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