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411’s Comic Reviews: Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine #1, Green Arrow #29, More

August 24, 2017 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Generations Wolverine All-New Wolverine 1

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Yesterday we asked, “Who Has the Better Supervillains: Marvel or DC?”

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Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine #1

Review by RobF

Wolverine (the James Howlett version), is in Japan, on the hunt for his daughter, Akiko, but those pesky Hand ninjas are determined to stop him. Enter Laura Kinney, his genetic clone and the All-New Wolverine. She is here to help Wolvy track his daughter and battle one of his oldest villains: Sabretooth.

This is a fun, quick moving issue. There is no time wasted on any setup whatsoever. James and Laura demolish the ninjas in record time. The action is brutal; they are truly the best at what they do. Interestingly enough, Wolverine acknowledges Laura’s fighting skill is greater than his; he even seems to be in awe of her.

Once the action dies down the story takes a more emotional tone. Laura clearly wants to reconnect with her “father” and Logan sees in Laura a future that isn’t a complete failure. It’s hard to transition from action to emotion in a span of a few pages but Tom Taylor does a fine job.
The story is well served by the artwork of Ramon Rasanas, who knows who to create a battle issue. It’s drawn like an action movie, one of the best Wolverine/Sabretooth fights ever.

Of all the Generation issues this one has been my favorite so far. This comic really makes me miss “Ol’ Canucklehead” even more and appreciate the New Wolverine a bit more.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Green Arrow #29

Review by Jonathan Durden

Green Arrow is one of the few titles I read that seems to be consistently good. Benjamin Percy is tying together a lot of things that have been building up for the past 28 issues and it actually makes sense and it works for the continuity and plot. Juan Ferreyra’s art is pristine and I always look forward to each page he draws.

In that same vein, Ferreyra’s depiction of Batman in this issue (wherein Ollie goes to Gotham to look deeper into the Ninth Circle) is fantastic. There are very few depictions of Batman that are quite like this, and Ferreyra just knocks it out of the park. This issue made mem want to see him drawing a Batman comic. He draws the Dark Knight in a way we expect him to be drawn: in the shadows, looming over people, cape flying in the wind. It’s just top notch art and I want to hang a huge poster in my room of one of the pages just because of how good Batman looks.

The story continues to draw me in with each new chapter. Percy adds enough intrigue and new twists to make it interesting, without going too far off the deep end in terms of my suspension of disbelief. This issue didn’t have a B storyline, just a final-page catchup of where Emiko and Canary are with their own investigation of the Underground Men, a human trafficking ring that supplies the Ninth Circle. I didn’t even notice we didn’t get a B plotline until the end because there was so much going on for the whole issue with just Ollie and Bats. I can’t wait for the next issue when Ollie teams up with Green Lantern!

This issue has cemented Green Arrow on my pull list. Not that there was much doubt to begin with. The series knows what it wants to be and accomplishes its goals with flying colors. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes Green Arrow or superheroes without powers and/or fun mystery stories.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Secret Empire #9

Reviewby Sankalp G.

Finally the heroes are turning the tide. Many others are joining the fight as the obstacles are down but there are bound to be some complications as Hydra Empire makes its final stand. Secret Empire #9 is essentially an issue which focuses more on the fighting and action scenes and a little bit on the subplots of the story as the readers gear up along with Spencer for the conclusion.

Issue #8 revealed that the “Other World Steve” had found Kobik. Yes, the embodiment of the Cosmic Cube which led to all this. The secrets of this “Other World Steve” and Kobik, and the future of this alternate reality are all revealed in this issue.

The next part may confuse some readers as we see hordes of Marvel heroes joining the fight. If reader is not following the tie-ins, there is no chance that they can keep track of these heroes and what they were doing until now.

The fights are usually drawn better in the comics and Yu does a good job. One of the things about the art is it concentrates on the heroes and few of the times, readers may not even see what or who they are fighting. This may compliment Spencer’s style a few times as we have some hero centered monologues and fight scenes that are all about characters themselves but as most of the issue is essentially a huge battle, it may also be a distraction from reader’s point of view.

The good thing about Spencer’s story is that he gives every character a chance to shine. He and Yu have essentially put more focus on the next generation of heroes but have given moments to old timers with many making their comeback from Hydra’s side. The scene with Taskmaster and Black Ant was a nice addition too.

Anyway, the surprise at the end means we are heading for a last stand style battle with Hydra Steve Rodgers, where hopefully Spencer can tie up all the ends, including the “Other World Steve” and Kobik. Also, there is still a chance for Ulysses’ prediction because of it. Good issue overall and solid build-up for finale.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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