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411’s Comic Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man #795, The Silencer #1, More

February 8, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Amazing Spider-Man 795

Hello and welcome to 411mania’s weekly Comic Book Review Roundtable! Each week we’ll be serving up a warm dish of reviews from Marvel, DC, and anything else that captures our interest. What did you pick up this week? Let us know in the comments.

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Now on with the show!


Preview by Stephen Gustafson

Here’s a cool comic book Kickstarter campaign that is being launched with the goal of putting the Xenoglyphs catalog online for FREE! Only a handful of issues have been released but there are (30) in the series. Check out the Kickstarter Page to get introduced to an awesome new world. One very much like our own, where the unsolved mysteries behind events such as assassinations, Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu are all connected by the presence of a mysterious set of stones called the Xenoglyphs. Steven and Dom, two members of the Illuminati-type group known as The Separators, arrive in Cairo to stop whoever has been trying to go collect the stones for themselves. The origin of the Xenoglyphs begin to unravel.

Writer Omar Spahi shared why he was doing this as Kickstarter project saying, “I’ve felt the demand for this series grow after its initial run, and Kickstarting is a great way to get it directly into the hands of the people that want it for a fraction of the cost. The bundles offered as rewards give everyone the opportunity to get the full story from beginning to end, all at once, without waiting for issues to be released.”

Spahi went on to talk about why you should be excited about it, “With this Kickstarter it will be the last chance to get the physical, printed issues of Xenoglyphs. But, the thing I’m most excited for is transitioning the comic into a web comic. We will be releasing two pages a week until the entire series is available online for free.”

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Book 1

Review by Stephen Gustafson

“The most epic Doctor Who event ever, as every incarnation of the Doctor – and friends and enemies old and new – unites to push back the threat of the Void: the empty space between universes that has inexplicably become sentient… and hungry!

In this first of two volumes collecting 2017’s giant Doctor Who crossover event, witness the return of Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, who has a terrifying message for the Twelfth Doctor, Bill, and Nardole: the Void is hungry, and it’s beginning to devour the universe we know and love!

From there, the threat of the Void spirals out to affect all of the Doctor’s incarnations – from the Ninth, who re-encounters Silurian detective Madame Vastra, to the Tenth, who battles cybernetic foes on a space station orbiting a white hole, to the Eleventh, who journeys beyond the universe and into an impossible era of his civilization’s ancient past…!

Plus: find out what Jenny has been doing since we last saw her on TV! It’s unmissable, beyond-epic entertainment, and essential reading for any Doctor Who fan!”

I have to admit, while I haven’t been a regular Doctor Who TV watcher, I’ve been getting tastes here and there from the comic books and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

Writers Cavan Scott, George Mann, and Nick Abadzis and artists Rachael Stott and Mariano Laclaustra come together for a massive story filled with action, intrigue, and the usual Doctor Who vibe to entertain across the board.

These types of books are easy to endorse. It collects everything in a nice, easy format and is something that any fan of Doctor Who will enjoy. Even those not familiar with the universe will find something to enjoy and there’s more than enough here to bring you back for Book 2.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

The Silencer #1

Review by RobF

Another week, another New Age of Heroes comic. This one, titled The Silencer, is authored by John Romita Jr and Dan Abnett. After last weeks’ misfire (Damage) did DC score a hit or are they 0 for 2?

Early projections classify this as a hit. Our lead character, Honor Guest, is a former assassin who operated with Leviathan under Talia al Ghul. She is trying to lead a normal life and doing a nice job. Domestic bliss suits her. But Talia returns and the you-know-what hits the fan. You may have heard this story before, the retired hitman pulled back into the life but there is enough of a twist to keep it interesting.

Romita and Abnett come out swinging, with action scene upon action scene. The character comes equipped with an inventive set of powers, in which she encases her foe in a field devoid of sound. This story has a lot going for it, it’s a slow burn but it picks up quickly and leaves you wanting more.

Romita’s art is on point as always. Anything he involved with is at the top of my read list. I particularly love his action scenes and this issue is chocked full of them.

(Am I the only one who noticed that Honor looks a lot like Dark Horses’ Martha Washington?)

I have to say I have more faith in The Silencer than I did in Damage. In my opinion DC should have lead with this issue because it has the potential to be good. I am curious to see where Romita and Abnett take this and I want to know more about Honor.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10

The Amazing Spider-Man #795

Review by John Pumpernickel

Like DC’s Batman, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a character that works in a wide range of stories. He flies solo just fine and depending on who he is paired with, can bring out interesting tales.

The current “Threat Level Red” story arc from Dan Slott and co-writer Christos Gage is a perfect example of this and this issue, in particular, showcases the teaming of Spidey and the current Sorcerer Supreme, Loki

Like an old school Marvel team-up, Spider-Man and Loki click on a different level and part of me wishes they’d stay with this pairing (with this creative team) for a while longer. “Threat Level Red” has moved at a brisk pace and the only drawback is we barely have time to enjoy what we’re reading before we’re on to the next thing.

A fun issue with some neat storytelling and excellent art. Give this one a read!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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