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411’s Comic Reviews: Tony Stark: Iron Man #1, The Walking Dead #180, More

June 28, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Tony Stark: Iron Man

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Now on with the show!

The Walking Dead #180

Review by Stephen Gustafson

I gave up on AMC’s The Walking Dead years ago. I was a huge fan of the book and the show never seemed to live up to by expectations.

I’ve stuck with book, thick and thin, because the writing always felt it was leading up to something. Sometimes we’d take small steps while other times great leaps. Characters would come and go but the overall storyarc held great promise.

“New World Order” seemed to be a culmination of a number of angles and while it was more about philosophy it opened up a debate over the world Rick and the gang find themselves living in.

In this issue, the leaders of Alexandria and the Commonwealth come together for a meeting of the minds. Yes, Rick comes face to face with the Governor of the Commonwealth and while this issue serves as a conclusion, it doesn’t feel that way. If you’re looking for a twist or a shocking moment, you’re in for disappointment.

That being said, it was while reading this issue that I totally got onboard with Rick becoming the villain in The Walking Dead. After all he’s been through, his arc ending as the bad guy would be poetic in a Shakespearean way.

Back to the issue. Rick and Pamela have differing philosophies in rebuilding society, each with valid points, given what they’ve had to go through to get where they are.

A solid issue but left too much meat on the bone. I’m hoping things pick up in the next arc.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Brothers Dracul #3

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

Discover the sorrow-filled truth of Vlad’s descent to the role of the Impaler! Vlad and his brother Radu have excelled in the art of vampire-slaying. But the vampires have a few tricks of their own. Some of those tricks may shatter Vlad’s sanity.

From writer Cullen Bunn (DARK ARK, UNHOLY GRAIL, X-Men Blue, Deadpool, Venom) and artist Mirko Colak (UNHOLY GRAIL,The Punisher) comes a tale of brothers and blood that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics!

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer #1

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

A brand-new Hard Case Crime comic book series, based on an all-new Mike Hammer story, developed from a never-before-seen 1950s screenplay by original creator Mickey Spillane, and written by Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition, Quarry). Celebrating Mickey Spillane’s centenary year!

When a chance encounter with a captivating femme fatale leads to a violent mob retaliation, hard-boiled detective Mike Hammer finds himself dodging both bullets and hard broads as he undertakes the most dangerous case of his career.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1

Review by John Pumpernickel

Tony Stark is now in the hands of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti and things are…pretty good. With the exit of Mr. Bendis, Slott and friends have a big playground to explore and it wouldn’t be a #1 issue if it didn’t promise a new status quo, new thrills, and new surprises.

Things kick off with…a flashback. To me, the flashback is cheat when used to retcon something important for a current storyline. It’s like, “Oh, this new character we’re about to introduce ACTUALLY existed before and in the flashback we’ll tell you why this person has never been seen since.” It’s the equivalent of using steroids for the story.

Aside from that, we get the supporting cast showing up and we get an idea of how Slott will be using them in the future.

Schiti’s artwork is a huge plus to the issue and I’m a huge fan of his Iron Man. He gets the big moments just right and I have a feeling once the story hits its stride, he’ll get even better.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 is a good, if not great, issue but it still holds plenty of promise.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

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