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411’s Comic Reviews: X-Men Red #1, VS #1

February 15, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
X-Men Red 1

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Now on with the show!

VS #1

Review by RobF

This week I decided to take a break from my mostly Marvel pull list to review a title I saw advertised on a website, VS 1, written by Ivan Brandon with art by Esad Ribic. It’s premise? War is a sport and warriors are now celebrities. The story focuses on Industrial Guardsman Flynn and his journey from recovery to his return to action. Is it worth a second look?
This story has a Running Man-like vibe with a bit of Hunger Games mixed in. If focuses on the “war games” between the Industrial Guard and the Legionaries. Commercialism and consumerism dominate to the point where the wars pause for commercial breaks with advertising is sprinkled throughout. There are severe penalties for interfering with commerce. The warriors are treated more like athletes. Their movements categorized like video games characters with stats and announcements.

I guess my biggest problem with this comic is ‘why should I care?’ The characters are one-dimensional and it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other, so it’s hard to care about them. Flynn is also a very unlikeable sort, not an easy character to sympathize with.

From what I have read the selling point of this comic is Ribic’s art, and after reading it I can see the appeal. His realistic style suits this story perfectly. The coloring gives it a unique feel as well.

In the end I enjoyed this issue, enough to want to seek out the second. With some plot improvements and characterization, it could be a hit.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10

X-Men Red #1

Review by John Pumpernickel

X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, X-Men Red…is there too much of a good thing going on in the X-universe? I’m happy to say that X-Men Red is a strong start to the series and looks lie it could be a viable book in the lineup.

Both new and old fans can jump into the action with seven-page opener hat will bring you up to speed and throw you into the thick of things. We get introduced to a new threat, “The Hate”, and a taste of Grey’s “dream”, which isn’t quite the same as Professor X’s.

Writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar surprised me in a good way with a cool angle on the returning Jean Grey. Joining her are Nightcrawler, Namor (!), and Laura Kinney, or as you might know her, the All-New Wolverine, along with a couple new faces that we’ll soon get to know.

It’s a different line-up but it works well and it’s a mix that I look forward to following. X-Men Red is definitely worth a read and you should pick it up at your local book shop!

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

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