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A Bloody Good Time 03.15.12: Top 20 Horror Fights, Part 2 – #10-1

March 22, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

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Welcome to A Bloody Good Time.

Last week we began our look at the best horror movie fights. Let’s see what you had to say about part one.

Charles said: There was also another good battle in The Thing: Palmer (as a Thing) vs Windows.

Poor, poor Windows.

FCT in 3D added: That zombie vs shark clip may be the stupidest thing i have ever seen. Coupled with the bad porno music makes it maybe the dumbest thing i have ever seen.

That’s just like, your opinion, man.

Jamal replied: The Telekenetic chick vs. Jason, or the boxer dude vs. Jason

Well certainly Jason vs somebody will make it. And here I said I was done with that hockey-masked wearing mongoloid.

APrince66 responds: Great list. Glad to see Zombie vs Shark get some love. Although hearing how they filmed that scene angers me. And really, the #1 spot should be reserved for Roddy vs Frank from They Live. epic brawl

They actually hurt the shark, didn’t they? I tended to avoid making-ofs for that movie for that reason. It’s one of the reasons I hate Cannibal Holocaust. I’m not gung-ho about animals like the nutcases in PETA, but there’s absolutely no reason you should have to kill something you make your classless exploitation flick.

AG Awesome suggested: Just my weekly suggestion that you update your profile page to allow people an easier method of looking up old articles. As well as my suggestion that you link old articles when you reference them. Besides that, fun write up. Im guessing Ash vs Evil Ash/Mini Ashes/His own hand will make the list. Everyone loves the hair tug front flip!

I try to provide links whenever possible when I reference old articles. I can’t really control what my profile page looks like. Maybe in the future I will give thought to creating my own blog with the archives on it.

Last week we had epic fights like Brody vs The Shark from Jaws and Laurie vs Michael from Halloween: H20. Now we’ll get into the best of the best, fights that were really good. What makes these better? Well, besides personal preference they’re either more vicious, more entertaining (to me) or generally longer. I’ve decided to go with one per franchise, because if I didn’t, several franchises could potentially dominate. This also means one fight per movie too, which made some of these very hard.

#10: Tatum vs Ghostface (Ghostface)

The thing you have to realize about Ghostface, is that whoever wears the mask is generally a weakling. I think the strongest, if we’re talking about physical build, was Billy and he took his share of damage too. One of the reasons why Ghostface was scary to some was that he was human, which is another reason why you might be able get away from him. That’s how the Scream movies, particularly the first one, build suspense. Drew Barrymore puts up a fight but loses. Neve Campbell manages to escape her first battle. So when Tatum squares off against Ghostface in the garage, it could have went either way.

That is especially true when you see just how much damage she is able to do. The fight doesn’t last long, but she manages to knock him down and hurt him quite a bit. If she didn’t make a dumb escape decision in the heat of the moment, she probably could have lived. But once you decide that the doggy door on a garage door is the right way to escape from someone who wants you dead, you have no one to blame but yourself.

#9: Frankenstein’s Monster vs The Wolf Man (Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man)

This is an iconic fight that all future movie monster battles are compared to. So why is it so low? Because this video is all you get in a 74 minute film. Sure, I guess the movie is actually called Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, and they do meet, but everyone who watches this movie is tuning in to see two classic monsters fight. It’s always been a little disappointing that they only fight briefly, and there isn’t a winner.

But even with those problems, this is what movie monster fights are made for. It’s a highly entertaining battle as the monster throws things and uses his brute strength while The Wolf Man has his speed and agility. It’s a classic David vs Goliath battle. The two would meet up in other sequels, but this was the first and most memorable.

#8: David Mann vs The Truck (Duel)

Before Steven Spielberg made a horror film about a shark, he made another type of horror film with a truck that might as well be a shark. You can see a lot of Jaws in Duel. David Mann (would his middle name by “Every”?) is an average guy who just happens to anger the wrong truck driver (if there indeed is anyone driving this truck). This is perhaps the longest movie on this list, because it takes up an entire film. Not every fight has to be fisticuffs, and this one is used with motor vehicles. But to be specific, it’s the film’s finale that I’m interested in.

The truck has played mind games with Mann through the entire film, and he’s realized that if he doesn’t fight back somehow, he’s going to die. So he turns around and we have the old “high noon” stand-off. What makes this better than Near Dark‘s take on it? It’s between two cars! Mann manages to narrowly avoid death and take out the truck. It’s interesting because while you assume there is a driver, you never actually see the driver except through glimpses. The truck feels like a monster itself.

#7: Lionel vs The Zombies (Braindead)

I had a discussion with 411’s Jeremy Thomas just before I put this list together because I had a dilemma. With my rule about one fight per franchise/movie, I knew this was going to be tough. Because you see, there are two great fights in Braindead. There’s this one, and the infamous “I kick arse for the Lord” scene. I was leaning toward this anyway, but we agreed that because this is longer, more meaningful to the film and a whole lot gorier, it wins. Just explaining my thought process to those who will inevitably question my sanity/taste/intelligence.

This fight begins at the very moment Lionel goes from a weakling to a badass. Just watch him as he says, “party’s over”. This is a guy who has had enough and is ready to ruin the day of many members of the undead. What follows is one of the bloodiest scenes in horror history as he uses a lawnmower to dispatch zombie after zombie after zombie. Peter Jackson may have won the Oscar for Lord of the Rings, but this is his defining moment as a director.

This clip is so NSFW I wouldn’t even watch it within a few blocks of your job. Unless you work for Fangoria or something, then it might be okay.

#6: Dutch Vs Predator (Predator)

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs the ultimate alien hunter is a fight that pretty much sums up the best parts of Arnold’s career. Well this and Terminator 2. After the Predator has hunted down and killed pretty much everyone else, it’s just Arnold and he’s not very happy with the situation. He gets himself some camouflage, sets some traps and prepares to do battle in the ultimate fight for survival.

This works because it’s not just the typical fight where the only person left is the only one that can stop the monster. I mean, it is, but it’s more than that. Dutch is smarter and stronger than the people he was with, and that’s why he survives. He figures out what he’s up against, he throws everything he has against it and still manages to come out on top. The Predators are not invincible, and it takes a very special opponent to take one down.

#5: Ash vs His Hand (Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn)

For me, I think Evil Dead 2 is something a litmus test for whether or not you’re going to get me as a person. If you laugh at Ash going insane with all of the objects in a room, a woman eating an eyeball or yes, Ash fighting his own hand, then maybe we’ll get along okay. This moment is more than just a hilarious slapstick fight between Bruce Campbell and his own right hand. It’s the moment that defines this entire series as a whole. It’s the kind of thing that makes me look at the bits of information I’ve seen about the remake and just shake my head because they clearly don’t get it.

This is set up because Ash’s Deadite girlfriend has bit his hand and now the evil’s inside of it. So he gets his ass kicked by himself and has to resort to drastic measures to keep himself from getting hurt. Of course he has to hurt himself to do it but you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelet. Or in this case you have to cut off your own hand to save your body. Who’s laughing now? Everyone watching your movie, Ash.

#4: King Kong vs Godzilla

Like Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, this is one of the classic monster battles that just belongs on a list like that. But outside of having the name value, it’s also one of better fights in Godzilla’s storied history. I think the only one I’d have come close is his battle with Ghidorah in the 1992 movie. There has to be a moment for two giant monsters to fight on this list because that’s what a lot of horror fans grew up with. You know, when you were too young to see Jason’s latest adventure but old enough to watch a good monster mash.

Unlike the Frankenstein fight, these two actually tangle for a longer period of time and it’s a fight that lives up to the name. Sure, King Kong had to be changed somewhat to even make him competition for Big G, but it’s worth it. I know that the story about two separate endings has always been a myth, but I’ve always wanted to see both endings. The one we got (Kong wins) and the non-existant one (Godzilla wins).

#3: Ripley vs The Alien Queen (Aliens)

“Get away from her you bitch!” Ripley cannot possibly tangle with the Alien Queen on her own. That would be just silly. She barely survived fights with the facehuggers and one single xenomorph. How in the hell would she put up a fight against the queen? By strapping herself into a power loader, that’s how.

The first time I watched this movie and saw Ripley step out in that loader, I’m pretty sure I cheered. That’s just the kind of thing in a horror fight (or any fight, really) that you love to see. The hero or heroine evening the odds and giving you the impression that they’re going to win or die trying. But I think even the Queen knew she was screwed at that moment.

#2: Nada vs Frank (They Live)

Oh and They Live is totally a horror film. Every single movie website lists it as such, and it’s in the horror section of every video store I’ve ever been to. As for why it’s not number one? Well, that’s just personal preference. Different strokes for different folks and all of that. There’s nothing wrong with getting #2 on this list, especially when you beat out the likes of King Kong vs Godzilla to get there.

This is an odd entry on this list because it does take place in a horror film, but the fight is between two good guys. It’s just a random fight scene placed in this surreal and terrifying world. There is a reason they fight, and it’s all settled when its over, but you’d expect Nada to have a fight with one of the aliens, not Frank. But Frank is just so stubborn, he had to do something to get him to listen. What follows is a nearly ten minute brawl that goes on and on. Just when you think it’s getting close to ending, it doesn’t. It’s really one of the best choreographed fight scenes of any genre. But in this particular one, I liked another fight just a little better.

#1: Freddy vs Jason

This has everything that this list it’s about. It’s a bloody, drawn-out battle between two horror legends that fans wanted to see for years. It finally happened and while the movie itself has its share of detractors, you cannot find fault in the actual fight. Sure, maybe the end is a little clunky (grow some balls and give a conclusive victor), but the fight I think more than what fans were wanting. Mainly, did anyone expect the battle to be so full of blood for two franchises that are known for being edited down (Friday the 13th especially?)

For the record, I’m talking about the final Crystal Lake battle. The fight in the dream world is just silly and was probably the kind of thing horror fans were afraid the entire movie would be. That fight at the end, however, wow. I sometimes wonder why Ronny Yu isn’t called up to do more sequels/remakes for beloved franchises because his work on this and Bride of Chucky are really good takes on the characters, in my personal opinion. Jason being afraid of water excluded.

Oh and Jason totally wins. Freddy was dead before he lost his head. I don’t count the winking.

That’s it for me. Leave some comments here on or my Twitter. Next week I’m going to defend the horror genre against some of the more common criticisms. It’s one fan’s struggle against the mainstream.

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