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A Bloody Good Time 10.18.12: Horror Knockout Tournament – Round 2

October 18, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Opening Logo courtesy of Benjamin J. Colón (Soul Exodus)

Welcome to A Bloody Good Time.

Last week, we finished the firsr round of the Horror Villan Knockout tournament, and we’re moving on to Round 2 today! There were some upsets in Part 2 and some more massacres than there were in Part 1, which made for an interesting round overall. Let’s go straight to Round 2!


Some of you (hopefully all of you) may read Shawn S. Lealos’ Alternate Takes, in which he goes over all things comic book related. He’s had knockout tournaments for comic heroes and villains, and it seems to have went over very well. Lealos’ Knockout deal was such a good idea that with his permission, I decided to steal it. Okay, I guess the technical term is “borrow”, but you get the idea. Starting now, We will begin a 32-character tournament for horror movie villains, monsters, what have you.

How does this affect you? You can choose who wins! My opnion means very little, as I just ranked the monsters in my own order to determine bracketing. You will decide who your favorite is. You can vote who advances based on any criteria you like, although I’d recommend just going with whoever you like best. But hey, if you want to vote based on who you think would win in a fight, go for it! It’s totally up to you.

This tournament will run six weeks! This week is the second half of round 1, and then we’ll have round 2, the quarterfinals, semifinals, and then the finals. For the final round, I’m going to do something special and give full-write ups to the characters, involving their history in the genre, memorable moments, and who they’ve defeated in the tournament. The winner will ultimately be announced on November 15.

Here’s the bracket for you. The text is a little smaller than I’d like but you should be able to tell who’s who.

Dracula(#1 Seed):

Defeated: Hannibal Lecter (Round 1, 293-155)
Most Recent Appearance: Two in 2012: Dracula 3D and Hotel Transylvania. Two very different movies.
Memorable Moment: Feeding a baby to his three brides in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


The Wolf Man (#17):

Defeated: The Deadites (Round 1, 227-211)
Most Recent Appearance: The Wolfman (2010)
Memorable Moment: Battling Frankenstein’s Monster.

It’s amazing that while Dracula and Larry Talbot have appeared together in films before, they’ve never really fought. Dracula died before The Wolf Man was introduced in both House of Frankenstein and House of Dracula. They did have more interaction in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, but that’s not exactly a serious monster mash, now is it? Since Talbot is limited to just the Universal series, he hasn’t been in as many movies as Dracula. There have been other “Wolf Mans” and other werewolves, and I’m sure someone somewhere has had a Dracula vs werewolf movie.

But now’s the chance to see what would happen if these two threw down. Dracula has been around longer and he’s had more movies. In terms of who would win in a fight, neither of these two can fight in the day light. At least, The Wolf Man can’t. Larry could easily chase Dracula to his coffin and put a stake in his heart if he lasts the night. Both have teeth, but Wolf Man has claws. Dracula could also become a wolf if he had to, as it’s one of his shape-shifting forms. One thing’s for certain, this is going to be a very close fight as either one could come out on top.

Is Dracula’s legendary status enough to propel him to the quarterfinals? Or can The Wolfman overcome the odds yet again?

Norman Bates (#8):

Defeated: Leslie Vernon (Round 1, 278-156)
Most Recent Appearance: The Psycho remake in 1998
Memorable Moment: The time he killed Janet Leigh in the shower.


Pinhead (#9):

Defeated: Otis Driftwood (Round 1, 370-68)
Most Recent Appearance: Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)
Memorable Moment: Using his chains to rip Frank apart.

Norman Bates had more trouble with Leslie Vernon than I thought he would have (and I loved it), which probably doesn’t bode well for his fight against a much tougher opponent in Pinhead, who dispatched of Otis with ease. The advantage Norman has is that he’s been around longer than Pinhead and doesn’t suffer from as many terrible sequels (just a terrible remake). But Hellraiser does have its audience and it’s the more recent of both film franchises.

Norman faces the same dilemma that Otis did in the last fight. He has to figure out a way to solve the puzzle box and send Pinhead back to hell, because he’s not winning a straight-up fist fight. “Mother” and a knife can only take you so far, even if he proved he was the more skilled serial killer in the last round. Pinhead is quite strong and doesn’t even have to lift a finger to kill, so Norman’s going to rely on whatever intelligence he (or Mother) have to get through this one.

Is the legacy of Psycho enough to push Norman forward, or will Pinhead have another easy fight on his hands?

Jason Voorhees (#4):

Defeated: Jack Torrence (Round 1, 399-51)
Most Recent Appearance: Friday the 13th (2009)
Memorable Moment: A poor girl hides in a sleeping bag. Jason slams the sleeping bag against the tree and kills her. Hilarty ensues?


Pennywise the Dancing Clown (#13):

Defeated: Leatherface (Round 1, 246-196)
Most Recent Appearance: IT (1990)
Memorable Moment: Appearing in that sewer to eat Georgie and scaring thousands of children worldwide.

Pennywise already took out one modern slasher in Leatherface and he’s looking to make it two. But Jason, who got rid of Jack Torrence with very little effort, is a lot more like Pennywise than Leatherface is. Regarding their film franchises, Jason has appeared in twelve films of varying quality while Pennywise just has the one. However, that one is twenty two years old and still remembered fondly. 411’s own Tony Acero recently reviewed IT and gave it glowing praise.

In terms of a physical battle, Jason’s going to be hard to play mind games with. Freddy found that out first hand. Unless Jason is sleeping and you’re mucking around in his subconscious, he’s just a wall of power that is going to keep coming. You can stop him, but he’ll eventually come back because he can never die. Pennywise however is a Lovecraftian abomination that can still take on whatever form he needs to in order to do battle. The problem is that his dead lights and use of fear are not going to work on Jason, so this evens the odds a little more.

Will Jason’s body count include a clown? Or will the “eater of worlds” add Mr. Voorhees to his dinner plate?

Michael Myers (#5):

Defeated: Sadako (Round 1, 405-43)
Most Recent Appearance: Halloween II (2009)
Memorable Moment: Killing his sister when he was a kid.


Jigsaw (#21):

Defeated: Chucky (Round 1, 193-250)
Most Recent Appearance: Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)
Memorable Moment: The first time he was revealed as a killer. He rose up from that dirty bathroom floor when everyone thought he was dead. Yes you did. Don’t try to deny it.

Michael Myers absolutely destroyed Sadako in the first round and didn’t even give her a chance to utter her catchphrase. As someone else that works for this website said, “poor drowned rat didn’t even stand a chance”. I would imagine Jigsaw will be tougher competition, as he was able to build a perfect trap for Chucky in the first round and will likely have several ready to go for Mr. Myers. Both have had a lot of sequels, although Michael has more and has been around longer. Plus, Jigsaw was only the “killer” in three of his movies, although he was around through flashbacks and videos for the entire franchise.

Once again, this is a fight that boils down to how good of a trap-maker John Kramer really is. He’ll have to have more than one or two traps to take down Michael, it’s going to take every skill and trick he has because Myers is a much stronger opponent than Chucky. He’s stronger than just about any normal man. On top of that, he’s very intelligent. He learned to drive without being taught and can usually fool just about anyone if he puts his mind to it. Michael’s also very patient. He could act dead long enough to grab the older Jigsaw and slice him up. This is a battle of wits and will, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance.

Is this a game Michael can’t win? Or has death come to Jigsaw’s lair?

Freddy Krueger (#2):

Defeated: Victor Crowley (Round 1, 459-21)
Most Recent Appearance: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Memorable Moment: Ruining a pool party by killing everyone. Then he says they’re all his children now.


The Shark (#18):

Defeated: The Creature From The Black Lagoon (375-96)
Most Recent Appearance: Jaws: The Revenge (1987)
Memorable Moment: The time he popped out to say hello and caused Brody to utter the famous line: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Do sharks dream? Freddy had better hope they do. The Shark had the Creature for lunch with a few scratches and bruises in Round 1, while Freddy had the greatest margin of victory of any round 1 fight against Victor Crowley. Both had an easy round 1 but this will be significantly harder for both. Freddy of course is an icon with nine movies, a TV show, a plethora of merchandise and an awful NES game. The shark also had some bad video games, as well as a bad sequel (among three of them) in which it roared.

At the end of the day, if Freddy is in the dream world he’s just a man with a lot of cunning and a knife glove. Those blades are sharp though, so if he had could get underneath the shark and stick him in, he could dump shark guts in the sea. If the shark goes to sleep and Freddy gets inside, there’s probably no fight. In the dream world, Freddy could make the shark the size of an anchovy and put it on a pizza to eat. Wherever this fight takes place, they’re both out of their element, but at least Freddy can defend himself in the real world.

Does Freddy make the shark sleep with the fishes permanently? Or is he just the next meal?

The Thing (#26):

Defeated: King Kong (Round 1, 249-223)
Most Recent Appearance: The Thing prequel (2011)
Memorable Moment: Making a man’s chest blow open and then eating a doctor’s hands.


Xenomorph (#10):

Defeated: Henry (Round 1, 438-37)
Most Recent Appearance: Prometheus (2012)
Memorable Moment: Bursting through John Hurt’s chest to say hi.

In the biggest upset in the tournament, The Thing took out King Kong by a narrow margin to make it to round 1. I’m not happy about it, but you guys are the ones voting so obviously you know what you’re doing! The alien, meanwhile, took out Henry with ease in the first round, leading to this interstellar battle. The alien once again has more films to its credit but The Thing has technically been around longer, due to the original movie in the 50s. Yeah, Carpenter’s film was a remake. Plus the Thing has had a lot less bad movies to its name. Depending on how you feel about the prequel, it has a perfect track record. The same can’t be said for our friend the xenomorph.

Part of me likes to think that somewhere in the movie universe don’t see, this fight has already happened and at least one xenomorph was assimilated. This thing has been around for a long time and took over entire species, so it’s possible it encountered one on its run. The alien is also one for taking over people as well, using them as hosts to extend its species. Could it apply a facehugger to whatever form The Thing has at the moment? Or would that facehugger become just part of the monster? These are scientific movie questions I’d rather not get into because I don’t want to come off as a giant nerd. Well, any more than I already do.

Will the Thing continue it’s Cinderella run and dispatch another tough opponent? Or the Xenomorph prove to be the tougher alien species?

Godzilla (#3):

Defeated: Candyman (Round 1, 357-120)
Most Recent Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Memorable Moment: Taking out its inferior American counterpart in Final Wars


The Tall Man (#19):

Defeated: Patrick Bateman (Round 1, 264-209)
Most Recent Appearance: Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998)
Memorable Moment: Appearing in Michael’s closet and shouting “BOY” at him at the end of his first movie.

Godzilla took out one cult favorite in Candyman without much difficultly while The Tall Man barely squeaked by Patrick Bateman in round 1. In a physical fight, Godzilla outweighs The Tall Man and is obviously more powerful. In terms of franchises, he also has way more films to his name although they’re of varying quality. He’s a multi-media giant with comics, novels, video games, TV shows and more. All the Tall Man has is four movies and a strong fan following. Could it be enough?

Like Godzilla’s last fight, there isn’t much of an actual fight here. He can stomp and fire his atomic breath as much as he needs to to wipe out The Tall Man, his various clones, his Jawas and everything else. Those balls can borrow into the giant lizard all they want, but it’s going to just be an annoyance to the monster and nothing more. Of course there’s always the possibility that the Tall Man can maneuver one through a vital organ, but he’s going to have a hell of a time doing it.

Can the Tall Man be the one to bring down Godzilla? Or will Godzilla move into the quarterfinals just as easily as he did this round?

Frankenstein’s Monster (#6):

Defeated: The Creeper (Round 1, 263-210)
Most Recent Appearance: Hotel Transylvania (2012)
Memorable Moment: Deciding that he belongs dead in Bride of Frankenstein.


Predator (#11):

Defeated: Ghostface (Round 1, 406-75)
Most Recent Appearance: Predators (2010)
Memorable Moment: Battling Arnold Schwarzenegger to the death in its first appearance.

In the last round, The Creeper put up a much stronger fight than I ever thought it would. I thought that most people’s hatred of Victor Salva (and Jeepers Creepers 2) would have been enough to give The Monster an easy ride but I guess people were able to separate the cool monster from the slimeball director or a what some say is a bad sequel. Meanwhile, the Predator had no trouble with Ghostface, skinning him (or her) like he would any other victim. In terms of movie franchises, the Monster obviously wins as its in the public domain and has been around for years. But the Predator is very popular in spite of its lack of longevity.

The monster has immense strength and durability, so it’s certainly a stronger opponent for the Predator in a fight. But first the monster has to avoid the Predators various weapons and get around its ability to camouflage itself. If it can do that, then it may be able to use its strength in a hand-to-hand fight to move on. If not, then the Predator will be moving into the quarterfinal round where it could potentially face much stronger competition. That’s all the Predators lives for, after all.

Can the Monster use its strength and legandary status to advance? Or is it just another trophy for the Predator?

That’s it for me. Leave some comments here on or my Twitter. The quarterfinals are next week? We have the potential for some very interesting fights as only the best will move on! Make your voices heard!

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