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Aaron Paul Teases Caleb’s Role in Westworld Season Three

March 23, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Westworld Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is the shiny new toy in season three of Westworld and he discussed some aspects of his character Caleb in a new interview. Paul spoke with THR about joining the HBO series and how his character factors into the storyline. You can see some highlights below, and see our review of last night’s episode here:

On being invited to do the show: “When I got the call to sit down with Lisa and Jonah, I had already seen the second season twice. The show is a complicated one, it’s a messy one and the first two seasons took place within Westworld, and when I sat down with Lisa and Jonah to hear their arc of who this guy was and the arc of the season, I walked out of the meeting just so rejuvenated, just so excited … I wanted to scream inside of the meeting saying, ‘Yes, my God, of course I will do it.’ I just feel so blessed to have been asked to be a part of this beautiful, brilliant show.”

On his character of Caleb: [He has a] very complicated, somewhat messy, dark past … He’s had a lot of trauma in his life and throughout this season, you get to know what that is. You are sort of introduced to it in the beginning of the show, the first episode. You sense there’s something going on, but more and more layers are revealed throughout the season.”

On Dolores’ relationship with Caleb: “[She’s an] educational tool for Caleb. She tries to teach him what society is all about and the control that it has on its group, like the bigger umbrella, the bigger picture of it all. Not everything is really as it seems.”

On working with Evan Rachel Wood: “It’s impossible not to be a huge fan of Evan’s work. Her résumé is just so incredible. But to be able to work opposite her as Dolores was a dream come true. I never jumped onto a show like this, as a regular, that’s already been proven and it’s a huge success, already huge, massive built-in fan base. Stepping on set and seeing these actors inside of these characters, it’s why I do what I do.”

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