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Action Star Mathias Hues Talks w/411 About New Film Black Rose

May 29, 2017 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz

The 411 Interview: Mathias Hues


Mathias Hues has been kicking ass in the action movie game for three decades, getting his start in No Retreat, No Surrender 2 back in 1987. Since then he’s performed mostly as villains in countless action movies like Dark Angel/I Come in Peace, Bounty Tracker, TC 2000, Digital Man, and several more, and acted alongside fellow action stars such as Dolph Lundgren, Billy Blanks, and Lorenzo Lamas. Hues has also been a Klingon (in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). The man has done pretty much everything there is to do, and he’s still doing it. Hues is in the new action flick Black Rose, directed by and starring fellow action star Alexander Nevsky, playing a ruthless bank robber in the movie’s opening sequence. Hues recently took time out of his very busy schedule of working out, training, and getting ready to kick more ass to speak with this writer about Black Rose, his career, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with Black Rose?

Mathias Hues: My dear friend Alexander Nevsky, the Russian action superstar, and I spend a lot of time in LA training and smoking cigars while talking movies (well not necessarily all at once :)). We discussed one day his new film and he told me the storyline and I suggested to him that his character needs a really strong iconic opening in the film where once that is done everyone will know there is a new sheriff in town. He really must have thought about it as soon he handed me the script and asked me to do the opening for him.

BK: Was your bank robber character always meant to be a relentless bastard or was that something you came up with?

MH: It was kind of like that. But my instinct was to go all out. Especially the night before when Alexander told me he changed all the dialogue to Russian and how my Russian is. I stopped for a second, breathing that is, as I cannot speak a word of Russian. So yes when we shot the movie I figured I just have to go all out in my antics and make up for the lack of words, ha ha!

BK: Did you get to pick your character’s mask?

MH: No, the mask was there when I arrived. I guess it make sense not wanting to be recognized when you rob a bank, right? But I simply took it off as I wanted everybody to recognize who in fact is robbing this bank. Yes, the one time when you try to make a realistic script and the actor says, hmmmm no NOT! Ha ha!


BK: What is Alexander Nevsky like as a director? Black Rose is his first effort as a director. Have you ever wanted to direct?

MH: Alexander is as cool as a cat who just caught yet another bird. He is not in any way to be aggravated, nothing I mean nothing will bring his demeanor to be aggressive or upset. All as everything on a set can go wrong. He just laughs it off and keeps going. I am not sure how he does it. I admire his talent to solve problems and to get things done. So, yes, he’s a great director.

BK: Do you enjoy playing villains?

MH: Yes all the time, even 20 years later, strange but cool. I loved the characters and am pleased to see they left such an impression over the years. Especially Dark Angel, or I Come in Peace, which was my all-time favorite film I have ever shot in my career. I am seeking to do something one day that has a similar impact that is for sure.


BK: Will we ever get an I Come in Peace 2? Every so often there’s a rumor that it’s happening.

MH: Yes part two has been so close. I stopped counting how many times we almost shot it. Different cast, different producers. We seem to all have the problem to secure the rights with Warner Brothers. I keep my fingers crossed so. Please do the same 🙂

BK: Who is the toughest performer you’ve faced so far on screen?

MH: So far two: Michel Quissi who played Tong Po in Kickboxer 2 and Billy Blanks in TC 2000, both real fighters in real life and Dolph isn’t too shabby either. Dying to take on the Rock. He seemed like someone who I could really get into it with. Someone who can fight back and is in great shape and isn’t afraid to keep pushing the envelope. I train very hard everyday to stay in shape and to be ready for yet another outrageous screen battle that could fill the audiences pulse with some hard core electricity. Like the old days when Dolph and Van Damme went at it. Long monstrous fights that hurt just watching them.

BK: Do you have a favorite personal performance?

MH: I liked Alone in the Woods, a comedy I shot ten years or so ago. I love being comedic. But of course playing Dark Angel, Talec was my all-time favorite.

BK: Any upcoming projects?

MH: I just wrapped on a new franchise revival of Puppet Master with the producers of The Transformers and action producer Dallas Sonier who is now doing a film with Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn. They all seem to have high hope for the new franchise. I loved the shoot and can tell you it’s going to be hilarious yet gruesome. I play the Swede who gets possessed by one of the puppets and goes on a killing spree. Hmm wonder if they got the right guy for that 🙂


BK: And finally, do you consider yourself awesome, or merely cool as hell?

MH: Great question, I must say lately I am a little cocky. I started to increase my regime, my all around fighting and work out and athletics and plan on coming now more and more into the action market again as someone who can deliver. I never forgot the director from I Come in Peace (Craig R. Baxley) saying to me, “I want everyone in the world to see it’s you doing all the action, not a stuntman. And if this means you die doing them you weren’t simply not fast enough.” I mean, literally, I remember the stunt people saying Matthias will never make it in these scenes. It is going to blow him right up and he turned to me knowing I overheard everything from my chair and said, “Then you just have to run faster, got that Matthias!” I lived by his words and this has always been my mantra since. Give it hell! So yes I feel awesome right now. 🙂

Thank you for taking an interest in my career and you are awesome for writing about our movies. We totally appreciate it as well we love our audience and like I said I am ready to be the real deal so you can enjoy it better. Best wishes.


Once again, I want to thank Mathias Hues for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in this interview and for Alexander Nevsky and david j. moore for helping set it up.

Black Rose is now available via Redbox everywhere and will be available via Netflix in July.

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