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Activision Blizzard Studios Executive’s LinkedIn Page Reveals Diablo Anime Series, Overwatch Animated Series in the Works

February 17, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Overwatch - Jeff Kaplan

Back in November 2015, Activision announced the formation of a new studio to develop film and TV versions of its IP. However, other than Skylanders Academy, there have been many results in the last few years. However, some new material that’s been cited on the LinkedIn page for Activision Blizzard Studios Film & TV President Nick van Dyk indicates that could change soon with animated projects based on Diablo and Overwatch.

According to his LinkedIn page, Activision Blizzard is currently developing an “anime style” Netflix TV series for the popular video game franchise, Diablo. It’s listed as being “rendered in anime style” and currently in pre-production. Netflix is attached to be the worldwide distribution partner for the show.

There’s been talk of an animated Diablo series from Activision Blizzard for quite some time. Back in September 2018, Andrew Cosby revealed in a tweet that was later deleted that he would be writing the show, which was aiming for “R-rated” (or in the case of TV M-Rated) content.

Van Dyk’s LinkedIn page also reveals that he and his creative partner sold an animated series based on Blizzard’s popular Overwatch franchise. An animated series sounds like an apt way to translate the adventures of Overwatch to the screen. There have been a number of CG animated shorts based on the franchise going all the way back to 2014 with the initial CG cinematic reveal trailer.

Activision Blizzard Studios and Netflix have not yet made any official announcements on the TV shows for Diablo and Overwatch, but this news at least details that they have something in the works. Skylanders Academy ran for three seasons and 38 episodes on Netflix.

Meanwhile, Diablo IV was recently announced last November at BlizzCon, along with Overwatch 2. The games do not yet have official release dates but are currently being developed by Blizzard Entertainment.