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Actress Kelsey Carlisle Talks w/411 about Interstellar Civil War

July 22, 2017 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz

The B-Movie Interview: Kelsey Carlisle


Kelsey Carlisle has been a movie actress since 2014 when she appeared in the short film Caligo. Originally from Indiana, she’s now based in Chicago and has acted in several horror films, including Headless and The Legend of Wasco. Carlisle’s first science fiction role is in Interstellar Civil War, the latest from director Albert Pyun (check out my review of Interstellar Civil War here and my interview with Pyun here). Carlisle recently took time out of her busy schedule to briefly talk with this writer about her experience making Interstellar Civil War and her ongoing acting career.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with Interstellar Civil War?

Kelsey Carlisle: Brian Williams and Ellie mentioned me to Albert because he was looking for an actor for my role. Albert saw me in Headless and contacted me about the role and I immediately gained interest. The role was unlike anything I’ve played before and I knew it would be a challenge. I sent him online auditions as he directed me and we went from there.


BK: Did your character, Lord General Luka Rann, have a different name at any point in the process of making the movie? And is that the character you hoped to play or is it the character that Albert Pyun wanted you to specifically play?

KC: Yes, when I received the script the character’s name was Lord General Oward Kazan. Yes, are you kidding!? When I read the original script I was like, “dang my character is so BA!” She is clearly different than me in a lot of ways, but I related to something about her core–her passion and heart.

BK: How was Albert Pyun as a director?

KC: He was great. He made me feel calm and confident. He has this way of painting a picture in your head when he gives direction. Letting you in on his vision. He communicates with you until he knows you believe it.

BK: What was the hardest part of making Interstellar Civil War?

KC: For me, the hardest part was just keeping up with changes in the script while making sure I got that accent down. I tend to have an obvious Indiana accent at times, and that’s definitely not fitting for my character. So I worked with a voice coach to make sure I didn’t have that Indiana twang…haha.

BK: You’ve worked with Ellie Church in several movies. How is she to work with?

KC: Ellie is awesome. We definitely hit a new level of our relationship with this movie. We were great partners. She’s so calm and focused, and we helped each other a lot. I remember we rearranged our hotel room so that we could practice movements while rehearsing lines together. We both were on the same page where we wanted to be our best. We would focus on each other on set as if no one else was in the room. When I looked in her eyes, I wasn’t in a studio. I was in another world.

BK: Do you enjoy working in the science fiction genre? You’ve worked quite a bit in the horror genre.

KC: I absolutely enjoy it! I would love to keep going with this genre. I love all of the possibilities. I love the creativity. And I love the thrilling story lines. It’s exciting to open your mind up like that.

BK: Any upcoming projects?

KC: I have a few things pending, but will hopefully announce a new role in a horror feature soon. 🙂

BK: Is making a green screen movie harder than making a movie on location somewhere?

KC: Yes. It relies on your imagination and the power of your mind to really go there. You have to imagine even more in your head and make yourself believe it so that the camera can see it in your eyes. It’s very challenging and requires the most extreme focus. It’s something I am still working on mastering. I am always learning and growing, and working on green screen is something I would definitely love to grow in!


I want to thank Kelsey Carlisle for agreeing to participate in this interview and david j. moore for setting it up.
You can check out Kelsey Carlisle’s website here.

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Kelsey Carlisle profile image courtesy of Kelsey Carlisle’s website. All other images courtesy of Albert Pyun.