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Al Gore Was Impressed By South Park Apology Over ManBearPig

November 30, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
South Park - 'Time to Get Cereal'

In the latest episode of South Park, it’s revealed that ManBearPig is actually real and it’s been seen by some as an apology to Al Gore for criticizing him over his climate change warnings. Gore was depicted as a crazy person in season ten, hunting a ManBearPig creature that didn’t exist. The latest two-parter from Trey Parker and Matt Stone reveals that the monster is real, and the kids have to apologize to Gore in order to get his help. ManBearPig was always a placeholder for the climate change debate, which more and more people are recognizing as a serious problem.

During an appearance on The Daily Show, Gore said: “So 12 years ago, they did that episode that had me hysterically warning about a nonexistent problem, this ManBearPig. And for years, I get this question. So now, all of a sudden, a few weeks ago out of the blue they come out with these new episodes and the kids on South Park realize ManBearPig is real! Honestly, I was so impressed. I don’t know these guys, Matt and Trey. And I kind of thought they were nihilists of sorts. But funny nihilists. And when they come out with this new thing, and they had the kids come out and seek me out to help them. But my character forces them to apologize. And they all say ‘Oh, we’re so sorry, Al Gore.’ ManBearPig is real! I thought it was a hell of a statement by South Park and I appreciated it a lot.

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