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Anthony Daniels On C-3PO’s Big Role In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

December 14, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
C-3PO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

In an interview with Uproxx, Anthony Daniels spoke about playing C-3PO for the last time (for now) in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the droid’s role in it. Here are highlights:

On finding out he had a big role in The Rise of Skywalker: “I found out a few days before. I got so mad! I kept saying, “When can I have a script?” And I heard, “J.J. wants you to have the best, the most recent one.” And we had a whole cast dinner, get-together, where everybody got scripts except me, and I thought, hmmmm. And then, of course, it arrived. And I was really happy. Really happy. In VII, J.J. was trying to restart the whole thing. And so, these films are not about C-3PO. And it was quite natural to want a larger role or a more responsible role, but there was other stuff to do. And then in the same way, number VIII was always a bit of like, “I’m standing around here.” So to end up with IX and really get some meat on the bones, it was worth waiting for, yeah. And that was Chris Terrio and J.J.”

On his big moment in the trailer: “Yeah, it was genuinely moving on the set. And I was surprised when I saw the trailer that J.J. had kept that same quality in the cut. It’s exactly as I set the timing, and he’s got it in the shot there. But we kept the timing, and it is a very moving little moment, because I don’t think of C-3PO as me, I see him as a completely different person. So I was moved by his speech, if you will. Yeah, surprising!”

On his work on the sequel: “It was a ton of work, but I think you’ll see how much it’s worth it. He is just the most delightful, creative, loving, supportive, fun, enthusiastic, brilliant director you could have. [Laughs] You can tell I want to work again. No, it’s just wonderful to know him and to be sharing his project. Oh, and always remembering that it was George Lucas who started it all. And J.J., boy, has he picked up the reins. And the responsibility he has every day. And keeping the atmosphere on the set so lovely, lively, and kind of enthusiastic. Really good.”