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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Certain Twins Sequel Will Happen

September 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

There’s no doubt in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mind that he will be reuniting with his Twins comadre Danny DeVito for a sequel. The Terminator: Dark Fate star spoke at the “An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger” event in England on Thursday night and, per the, told the audience that the long-gestating Triplets film is a sure thing.

“[Ivan] Reitman is absolutely convinced that Twins 2 is going to happen,” Schwarzenegger said. “We will do Triplets with Eddie Murphy. Danny Devito is very excited about it. Eddie Murphy is very excited about it. It will take a little bit more time to perfect the script. We have three different versions of the scripts and I think it’s almost there. It’s not there yet, but I’m one hundred percent sure that it will happen.”

Schwarzenegger also teased the idea behind the plot, noting, “The idea was to have Danny Devito, myself with Eddie Murphy, be all of a sudden, the other twin – the triplet that we find. It comes out that after our mother dies, the will gets read out loud and it says you get this, and you get this and your OTHER brother gets this. And we are like, ‘What, what other brother?’ And then we discover that there is something off here. Then we find out about the experiment that was made and there was some black person involved.”

There’s no word on when the film might happen, Reitman said four years ago that the film “was frozen” at the studio level.