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Ash Vs. Evil Dead 2.10 Review – “Second Coming”

December 11, 2016 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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Ash Vs. Evil Dead 2.10 Review – “Second Coming”  

Ash vs. Evil Dead Review: 2.10: “Second Coming”

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the review of the tenth episode of season 2, the second season finale, of the hit Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead. I’m Bryan Kristopowitz.

Well, here it is, folks, the final episode of season 2 of the best show on TV, Ash vs. Evil Dead. How does the season end? Will our hero Ash and his remaining friends get out of the season alive and relatively well?

Well, before I get into the second season finale, check out this hilarious interview show star Bruce Campbell did with IGN where he talks about what he’s done in the Evil Dead car over the years.

And now, the second season finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead.


Episode 10: Second Coming

Directed by: Rick Jacobson
Written by: Luke Kalteux

Warning: Spoilers Below

Second Coming picks up exactly where episode 9, Home Again, left off, with Ash in the 1980’s, in the basement of the old cabin in the woods right before the events of the first movie, staring down the deadite wife of Professor Knowby. The deadite in question here is absolutely disgusting and promising to destroy Ash and Tanya, the poor female college student trapped in the basement with him. Ash tries to get Professor Knowby to open the basement hatch but the professor refuses (the professor wants to keep his demon wife in the basement, which is understandable, but at the same time it’s still pretty cowardly to not help Ash. Professor Knowby gets his, though, out in his VW bug). So Ash has to come up with a plan to deal with the fat deadite quickly. And what does Ash do?

Ash tries to shoot that deadite to death with his trusty boomstick. That plan tends to work up against other deadites, but this time multiple double barrel buckshot blasts don’t do anything. The deadite won’t go down. So Ash has to come up with another strategy.

As Ash comes up with his new scheme (basically, it’s shoot the lock off the hatch and get the hell out of the basement), the 1980’s Ruby walks into the cabin with the Necronomicon in hand. Ash is both perplexed and smitten by the presence of 1980’s Ruby (she’s hotter than the last time he saw her, but where the hell did she get the blonde hair from?). But before he can delve deeply into the “new” Ruby, the deadite in the basement pulls Ash back into the abyss (poor Tanya has already been dispatched by the deadite in extremely blood fashion). The 1980’s Ruby is perplexed by Ash’s appearance as well, as he resembled, in physical form, the prophecy about a warrior foretold in the Necronomicon. But that wasn’t the warrior, was it?

As all of that goes on, the “regular” Ruby (or mortal Ruby, if you will) and Kelly walk into the cabin. The 1980’s Ruby tries to make sense of everything happening to her, while the mortal Ruby tries to explain what the heck is going on (Kelly wants to shoot the 1980’s Ruby with Ash’s boomstick). This big meeting doesn’t go all that well for anyone. Ash, though, manages to beat back the deadite in the basement with the help of his trusty chainsaw hand. This is an amazing sequence as it blends CGI and practical effects seamlessly and the deadite transforms into one of the nastiest creatures the show has produced. If this creature doesn’t become a collectible by the start of season 3 there’s something seriously wrong with the pop culture collectibles world (and that Ashy Slashy hand puppet better be a collectible, too, by then). The blood flows very freely here, and the deadite menace is vanquished (we also get several Three Stooges homages here that are hysterical and a great call back to the whole Stooges/Shemp thing. We also get some truly disturbing attempted breast feeding that will make you wretch. Or it may turn you on, I don’t know). When Ash gets back to the first floor, he can’t believe what he’s seeing. Two Rubys? How the hell did that happen?

After engaging in some funny back and forth with the two Rubys (the threesome remark was brilliant), the 1980’s Ruby stabs the mortal Ruby with the Knowby dagger. The stabbing leaves the mortal Ruby near death, but she does manage to get in one good shot with the Necronomicon that knocks the 1980’s Ruby back. In one of the best sequences the show has ever produced, Ash and Kelly try to console the mortal Ruby and come up with a new plan to get everyone out of the cabin. The mortal Ruby knows that she doesn’t have much time left and that it would be best if Ash and Kelly escaped. Ash and Kelly don’t want to leave the mortal Ruby behind. In fact, they believe, for a brief moment, that the mortal Ruby is dead (when Ash tires to close her eyes and she tells him she’s not dead yet is so damn awesome). Ash and Kelly eventually agree with the mortal Ruby that the best thing to do is leave the mortal Ruby behind and try to get away together, and the mortal Ruby will keep the 1980’s Ruby at bay for as long as she can.

So Ash and Kelly get out of the cabin. Shots are fired inside the cabin. And, suddenly, Pablo, locked in the trunk of Ash’s car, is once again alive. Holy crap! Did the mortal Ruby do something inside the cabin to the 1980’s Ruby that altered the future and stopped the Evil Dead menace from ever happening? And holy crap, Ash has two hands again! Two hands! Real hands! And Pablo’s back! This is cause for celebration!

Ash, Kelly, and Pablo jump into Ash’s car and drive off into the bosom of a potentially spectacular future sans the deadite menace. Ash asks Pablo to figure out how to send them back to the future via the Necronomicon since he is still sort of the physical embodiment of the book and can sort of read the Necronomicon’s language. Pablo, though, refuses. Why would Pablo refuse Ash and refuse to go back to the future?

Because the Pablo in Ash’s front seat isn’t the real Pablo. The real Pablo is still very, very dead. No, the Pablo in the front seat of Ash’s car is actually the not-dead-at-all Baal, and Baal has plans for Ash and Kelly and, presumably, the severed head of the mortal Ruby (the 1980’s Ruby throws it into the front seat of Ash’s car, an action that is seriously messed up).

So, after an ass kicking and a blackout, Ash and Kelly find themselves back in the old cabin with Baal, the 1980’s Ruby, and oodles of deadite demon creatures that are oozing out of the Necronomicon. We find out how Baal managed to survive the ritual in the old asylum and that Baal believes he has now won everything that there is to win. All he has to do is kill Ash and Kelly. But before Baal delivers the death blow to our heroes, Ash proposes a different scenario. Ash asks Baal for a one-on-one fight where the winner gets what he wants. If Ash wins, the Evil Dead shit never happens and he gets to go back to the future with Kelly and Pablo. If Baal wins, he gets to kill Ash, the demon children get to eat Kelly, and the world ends. Baal, though, will have to refrain from using his demonic superpowers in the fight. Shockingly, Baal agrees to Ash’s fight terms, he has the 1980’s Ruby remove his demonic powers, and the fight begins.

The fight is brutal and pretty equal. Ash has the size and the strength, but Baal is savvier than expected. Ash ends up with the upper hand, though, through most of it. While the fight progresses, the 1980’s Ruby becomes upset with the scenario playing out in front of her. Why the hell should Baal give Ash anything? Why didn’t Baal just kill Ash and Kelly and get on with the business of running the universe? The 1980’s Ruby also confronts Kelly about her choices in life and wants to know why she’s there alongside Ash the doofus. Kelly is better than that. It’s at this point that we finally figure out what the heck the whole “What is Kelly doing here?” is about and who was behind it from the beginning.

The way the rest of the episode plays out is a vast improvement over the way the first season ended, as this time the season has an actual ending that feels like an ending. The fight between Ash and Baal has an actual resolution, and the run up to that fight is funny and gross and kind of sad. Chet and Brock make appearances again, as does Ash’s demonic hand (you didn’t think that his new hand would stick around for long, did you?). The Chet fight is funny, while the bit where Ash ends up killing his father Brock again is sad as it’s another fine example of what Ash’s “Shoot first, think never” life motto can lead to. Granted, the Brock we see here isn’t exactly real, but it’s still kind of sad anyway (Ash will probably end up killing Brock several more times over the next season, or at least that’s the feeling that I get). Cheryl also makes a return appearance. This time, though, she gets to keep her head. Good for her.

Baal’s death/vanquishing/whatever you want to call it feels like an ending for the demon, as I’m not sure how he can come back from being swallowed into the fires of the underworld without going through some nasty stuff. Baal may just decide it’s not worth coming back and hang out in the underworld.

Pablo, and this is the real Pablo is back and very much alive and well. That’s a relief, although I do believe that killing Pablo the way the show killed Pablo in the asylum was still messed up and terrible. Hopefully, when Pablo does eventually get killed for real in the show, it’s a big deal. He’s Pablo, man. He’s a big part of the show.

What happens next for Kelly? I’m going to venture a guess and say that the whole “What are you doing here, Kelly?” thing will be explored again in the third season but it will be a much more positive experience for Kelly and for the audience. She might get to experience some real happiness before being sucked back into the world of the deadites and whatnot (how many demonic trees will she have to fight in the next season?).

And Ash? He gets his second happy ending (the first one being the end of the theatrical version of Army of Darkness) and it’s a great thing to see. He’s going to have Linda, the girl of his dreams, by his side, and he’s going to get to live in Michigan again. He also isn’t going to have to deal with any of that Ashy Slashy stuff anymore as the town now sees him as a hero instead of a murderer. That has to be a good feeling, right? And check out that parade float Ash thing on the stage at the big public rally. How cool is that?

So what happens next with Ash vs. Evil Dead? What will the 1980’s Ruby try to do next? How long will Ash and his friends get to live the quiet life before the deadites come back? And what does the post credits sequence mean? Who the hell found the Necronomicon?

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 started strong, kicked ass in the middle, and ended on a high note. The only episode that didn’t rock hard was the ninth episode, but even that episode was better than just about everything else on TV. Season 3 is set for, I assume, the fall of 2017, and I can’t freaking wait. I want to see what happens next! Who is with me?
Ash vs. Evil Dead! Yeah!

The final score: review Virtually Perfect
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The second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead is now complete and, shockingly, Ash and his friends (well, most of his friends. Chet and the mortal Ruby are no longer with us, along with Ash’s father Brock) are happy and alive, even Pablo. How long will that last? The start of season 3 is a little over a year away. We’ll know then. This season kicked ass, featuring a tremendous ending that feels like an ending. Bruce Campbell showed, once again, why he is a tremendous talent and why he deserves all sorts of award consideration (he should at least get a Golden Globe nomination). Season 3 can’t get here soon enough. Ash vs. Evil Dead, the best show on TV! Yeah! Long live Ash Williams and his friends!