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Ben Affleck Hopes People Have Fun With Justice League

November 14, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Justice League

In an interview with Yahoo, Ben Affleck spoke about Justice League, which opens this Friday, and said that he hopes people have fun with the latest DC film. Here are highlights:

On what motivates Bruce Wayne to assemble the team: “It’s your classic end-of-the-world scenario [laughs]. We certainly didn’t suffer from a lack of apocalyptic stakes in our storytelling. What’s interesting about it is that Bruce wants to come together with Diana to assemble this team. He’s a pretty solitary and reclusive guy – almost antisocial at times – but he’s forced to become a leader in reaching out to this group of outsiders and cajoling them into working together for the greater good. And Batman doesn’t tend to play well with others, so it’s a lot of fun seeing him thrust into this leadership position.”

On what Batman brings to the League: “Batman doesn’t have super powers. He’s a brilliant detective who relies on his wits and his training, and he understands what’s at stake and what needs to happen. There are definitely times in the movie when you can see the difference between somebody who’s got super-powers and somebody who doesn’t [laughs]. But the stakes are so high that Bruce is forced to step up and lead. And his will and determination to do what’s right are, I think, emblematic of what the Justice League comes to be all about.

You see the incredible power of this group and it dwarfs what Batman’s capable of. He’s just a guy with gadgets and a bulletproof suit, and yet he’s out there trying to cultivate friendships and collaborations with them because he knows this threat is too big for any one of them to fight on their own. Leadership and heroism are not just about what abilities you have; it’s about character. So, in a way, his power is having the courage to lead and the ability to inspire these people to go off and save the world together.”

On what moments during filming stood out for him: “The first time we were all in costume together was definitely memorable because it was such an iconic moment for all of us. We were geeking out and taking selfies. I think the studio was panicking because they thought we were going to tweet them out or something [laughs]. It was just a great feeling to have all of us standing there with these amazing costumes on – except Ray. His suit was computer-generated, so he got to wander around in pajamas all day while we were sweating through these leather outfits [laughs]. We were envious of Ray’s comfort, but he’s so charming you can’t hold it against him.

That day was a lot of fun, but every day was fun. We had an absolute blast telling this story and all felt really privileged to be part of it. Everybody worked hard because we wanted to get it right, but it was definitely a fan’s dream come true to have the whole Justice League together like that.”

On his expectations for the movie: “I just hope people have fun. We set out to deliver all the excitement and tension and escapism of a big Super Hero adventure for the audience, and we hope they’ll come along for the ride.”

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