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UPDATED: Ben Affleck’s Alleged Drinking And Gambling Led To Divorce With Jennifer Garner

July 1, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner

UPDATE: The revolving door of speculation on why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are divorcing has spun around again, this time landing on “career.” TMZ reports that despite their own report that Affleck’s drinking and gambling led to the split, the truth is nothing of the sort. Instead, this time they’re claiming sources that argue that the split came because Affleck’s career resurgance led to distance in their marriage, with Garner saying that he was no longer a “present husband.”

The report notes that Affleck has had a constant stream of film projects over the past few years and has generally been out of town, which led to Garner being ignored and neglected. The sources say the two regularly argued about it, but makes a point to say that Affleck was anything but a neglectful farther. More to the point, the sources say that Affleck was a great father who does everything he can for their children, and that Garner agrees.

The source claims that the breakup was mutual. Stay tuned for TMZ’s next report digging for details and coming up with a new set of reasons for the split.

ORIGINAL: TMZ reports that Jennifer Garner reportedly filed for divorce with Ben Affleck because of his drinking and gambling. One source said that it got so bad over the last few years that “she couldn’t take it anymore.” He didn’t go out partying and didn’t womanize, Garner just thought he drank and gambled too much.

Other sources agree that Affleck likes to drink and gamble and the divorce is about two people who want to live differently. They were in therapy for over two years. Affleck even mentioned his problems during his 2013 Oscar acceptance speech. The two have been separated for ten months and there was no “breaking point”.

Affleck’s gambling has been mentioned several time in the past. It was reported last September that he was at a high-stakes blackjack game in Detroit. In late April 2014, he was allegedly banned from the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for counting cards.