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Bill Cosby’s Publicist Says Race Played A Role In Conviction, Cosby Will Have To Pay His Own Legal Fees

September 26, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Bill Cosby

As we reported yesterday, Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in state prison after he was convicted of sexually assault a woman in 2004. His publicist Andrew Wyatt spoke to Tictoc (via The Washington Post) where he compared the comedian to Jesus and said that race played a role in the conviction. Here are highlights:

On how Cosby is doing: “Mr. Cosby knows that God is watching over him. He knows that these are lies. They persecuted Jesus and look what happened. Not saying Mr. Cosby is Jesus, but we know what this country has done to black men for centuries. So, Mr. Cosby’s doing fine, he’s holding up well and everybody who wants to say anything negative, you’re a joke as well.”

On the trial: “The most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States. Dr. Cosby has been one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the United States for over the last 50 years. He has also been one of the greatest educators of men and boys over the last 50 years.”

On how race played a role: “All three of the psychologists who testified against Dr. Cosby were white women who make money off of accusing black men of being sexual predators.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Cosby will be forced to pay his own legal bills in addition to service time in prison. He owes his former law firm (Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis) $282,948.40 in unpaid legal bills according to new documents filed by the group. They sued Cosby earlier this month but there weren’t many details at the time. They claim Cosby didn’t pay them for work from August 2017 through August 2018. Cosby later hired Tom Mesereau (Michael Jackson’s former lawyer) but that fell apart.

He was also fined $25,000 for his conviction plus the legal fees of the prosecution team.

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