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Blindsided Review

March 1, 2017 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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Blindsided Review  

Blindsided Review

Eric Jacobus– Walter
Roger Yuan– Gordon
Khalid Ghajji– Kojo
Pete Antico– Gene
Brett Sheerin– Joey
Nicholas Verdi– Nico
Karen Pang– Jogger

Directed by Clayton J. Barber
Screenplay by Eric Jacobus, based on a story by Clayton J. Barber

Produced by Jacobus Barber Productions

Runtime– 12 minutes


Blindsided, directed by Clayton J. Barber, is the latest short form martial arts flick starring actor, stuntman, and martial artist Eric Jacobus. It’s a 12 or so minute story with Jacobus as Walter, a blind man who likes to make apple pies. After making a new, sweet smelling apple pie Walter walks to a local convenience store to buy more apples and a jug of milk (the jug he has in his fridge has gone sour. Can’t drink sour milk while eating a slice of apple pie or, really, anything). While in the convenience store, Walter finds himself in the middle of a shakedown where the store owner Gordon (Roger Yuan) is being threatened by a group of local hoodlums. Because Walter is a nice guy, he tries to help Gordon out by preventing the hoodlums from beating him senseless (or killing him. These guys are thugs, they’re capable of anything). Now, how the heck can a blind guy help a convenience store owner from being accosted by a gang of scumbags? What the heck is a bind guy going to do?

Well, as we see in Blindsided, if the blind guy is someone like Walter, he’s going to martial arts fight them into submission. And that’s exactly what Walter does. Using his blind person stick as a kind of weapon, Walter manages to beat back the thugs and save Gordon from certain doom. Gordon thanks his loyal customer for his help, and Walter wants Gordon to be safe. The movie ends with Walter walking away, presumably with the promise of further “Walter” stories in the future.

Presumably. With the way Blindsided ends, there’s no reason to think that we won’t see more from Walter. There are clearly more adventures for this blind guy to have.

Blindsided is a fun way to spend twelve minutes of your life. It looks great, sounds phenomenal, and features terrific performances from every actor, especially Jacobus, who realistically performs as both an actor and as an action star while blind. The martial arts brawl that ends the short film is something you’re going to watch again and again, just to see all of the little pieces that went into it. Jacobus is a top notch martial artist with a magnetic screen presence that clearly hasn’t been exploited to its fullest by big time Hollywood. The fighting is brutal but, at the same time, it’s sort of playful and funny, and Jacobus always looks like he’s having a blast. That’s always important, especially when you’re dealing with a short film that can’t waste time. Who the heck wants to watch a bored person for twelve minutes?

I’m hoping that Blindsided the short lead to more Walter adventures. As I said earlier, there’s no reason to think that there can’t be more Walter the blind guy adventures. For one thing, there are more bad guys to beat down.

Blindsided, which will be available via YouTube on March 1st, is something that you absolutely need to see. Be sure to check out the Eric Jacobus YouTube page for the movie. Blindsided.

See Blindsided. See it, see it, see it.

So what do we have here?

Dead bodies: 0

Explosions: None

Nudity?: None

Doobage: Apple pie making, dice playing, sour milk, drinking directly from the sink, blind man preventing a woman not paying attention from being hit by a car, shopping, garbage bag throwing, blind person stick martial arts hooey, attempted knife assault, pants removal, neck slicing, soda can distraction, shirt slicing, and walking away.

Kim Richards?: None

Gratuitous: Eric Jacobus, Martial Arts Mafia newspaper, and a cool bit in the end credits.

Best lines: “Morning, Walter,” “Yeah, you’re almost out of honey crisps,” “Hey, blind man. Hurry up,” “Hey, Walter, get lost,” “Hey, blind man! I wouldn’t do that if I were you!,” “Walter! One o’clock!,” and “Who are you? A blind man that likes his apple pie.”

The final score: review Virtually Perfect
The 411
Blindsided is the latest short film from Eric Jacobus, a talented martial artist and actor. Blindsided is 12 minutes of badass fun, with Jacobus showcasing his physical abilities and his screen presence. Be sure to check out this short film when it hits the Eric Jacobus YouTube page. It is well worth your time. Awesome stuff.