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Brie Larson Says She Was Reluctant To Play Captain Marvel

September 6, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
CAPTAIN MARVEL Carol Danvers Brie Larson

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brie Larson revealed that she was initially reluctant to play Carol Danvers in the upcoming MCU movie Captain Marvel. Here are highlights:

On Carol Danvers’ dueling nature: “You have this Kree part of her that’s unemotional, that is an amazing fighter and competitive. Then there’s this human part of her that is flawed but is also the thing that she ends up leading by. It’s the thing that gets her in trouble, but it’s also the thing that makes her great. And those two sides warring against each other is what makes her her.”

On still being able to give a good performance: “That is something that is really exciting to me about this film: We did not cut corners on that stuff. Like, when it’s funny, it is funny, but also when there’s deep emotional things happening, it’s real. So I was able to bring some of those same things that I’ve brought to full dramatic roles into this, which I’m really proud of because I think it will really set this film apart.”

On being reluctant to take the role and what changed her mind: “I never saw myself doing something like this, mostly because I like being anonymous. I like disappearing into characters, and I always felt like if I was out in the public eye too much, it potentially limits you in the future. Just seeing a character who says how she feels and says what’s on her mind and doesn’t let people stand in her way is incredibly empowering.”