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Bruce Campbell Says More Evil Dead Is On the Way

May 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Don’t put your Boomstick away yet folks, because the Evil Dead franchise isn’t over. Speaking with Inquisitr to promote his reboot of Ripley’s Believe It or Not?, Bruce Campbell teased more to come in the iconic Sam Raimi-created horror franchise.

Campbell was asked about how his recent tweets promoting the paperback of his memoir Hail to the Chin were interpreted by fans as a possible tease for more Ash Williams stories, Campbell said, “That’s fine. Fans are always going to do that. Everyone’s a genius, everyone’s got opinions and the internet fans the flames. No, it’s all good. They’re going to see different versions, they’re going to be seeing more Evil Dead, too. We’re not done with the Evil Dead saga, more stories to tell.”

Campbell did note, it must be said, that he will not be reprising Ash in a live-action capacity. Asked whether he is still holding to the character being retired, he said, “Yeah, I’m sticking to that; it gets easier every year … I’m still doing video games, I’m doing voices for Ash. I’m just not going to grovel in the blood anymore. I’m retiring from certain types of roles, ones that require looking at tennis balls on sticks.”

Evil Dead got a reboot in 2013, with Jane Levy in the starring role and Fede Alvarez directing. Campbell seemed to suggest this could be the direction they go, saying when asked about Alvarez’s possible involvement, “I don’t know, Fede’s a big Hollywood director now. I don’t know if Fede needs this. We’ll have to see.”