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Child’s Play Remake Director Interested in a Sequel

July 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Child's Play

Last year’s Child’s Play remake was a minor financial hit, but didn’t set the world on fire. Still, the director would be game for another go. Lars Klevberg, who directed the film, did a Q&A on his Instagram account and talked about the experience of making the film.

While reminiscing with star Gabriel Bateman, who played young Andy in the film, Klevberg said (per JoBlo), “We had fun. It would be amazing to pull the crew and the actors back for another one, but MGM needs to get their stuff together and do it. It’s all there.”

Asked if whether a sequel was actually planned or in the works, Klevberg answered, “We don’t know.”

Child’s Play brought in a gross of $44.6 million worldwide against a production budget of $10 million, plus marketing. The film was mildly received by critics and fans on the whole, so there’s no real push for a sequel. That said, with a small amount of profit on the table, United Artists could always move forward with it.

An unrelated TV series, based on the original continuity and titled Chucky, premieres next year on SYFY and USA Network.

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