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Child’s Play TV Series Chucky Will Reportedly Continue the Original Franchise Mythology

February 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chucky Child's Play Chucky

While MGM and Orion Pictures are already gearing up a remake for Child’s Play due out later this year, a TV show based on the original film series is also in the works from Don Mancini and Nick Antosca and Universal TV. Slash Film has a report on the show from the TCA Winter Press Tour. The new show is set to continue the story for the original franchise, and it’s in the works for SyFy, which is set to feature the return of the evil doll known as Chucky.

Antosca stated that the working title for the new TV show is Chucky. He added, “That could change, but that’s the working title.” He added that the show would eschew the more comedic tone of the later entries and opt for the tone of the earlier films.

Antosca continued, “The series is going to be closer to the tone of the first two movies in the series though. It’s going to go back to a sort of classic scare.”

Antosca went on about how the show will continue the mythology, stating: “It’s consistent with that mythology, but it’s a whole new story. So you could come into it without knowing anything about the previous stuff and get into it. But it is consistent with all the mythology that has come before, so it is in canon.”

The show is reportedly going to tell new stories and new characters. Apparently, the door is open for Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif to appear in the show. Additionally, Brad Dourif is expected to return to voice Chucky in the TV series.