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Chucky Creator Says Killer Doll Has New Goals In Upcoming TV Series

May 21, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chucky Child's Play Chucky

In an interview with Syfy Wire, Chucky creator Don Mancini spoke about the new motives the killer doll will have in the upcoming Syfy series of the same name. Chucky got a straight-to-series order back in January. Here are highlights:

On the upcoming TV show: “One of the things that we’ve always tried to do over the course of the decades and the different movies, is we just try to switch it up a lot. From film to film, I’ve always tried to create a different tone, plug Chucky into a different subgenre. We’ve gone from straightforward slasher to comedy to crazy satirical comedy and back to straightforward horror again. With this TV show, our mission has been to preserve the straightforward scariness of the original film or the first couple of films. But at the same time, continue on with this ever-expanding tapestry of consistent story that we’ve spun over the course of seven movies and 30-some years. I think fans are really gonna love to see the new characters that we introduce into this realm and just to see how they came off of our classic characters. Not just Chucky, but some of the others that you may be hoping to see. There’s a good chance they may turn up.”

On the Child’s Play franchise’s LGBT fans: “We’ve sort of embraced, over the years, a kind of specific gay identity for the franchise. I think it’s just being attentive to what is going on in the culture and what is going in the zeitgeist at any given time, and then using Chucky to get at those issues in an interesting, fun way.”

On bringing the doll to the TV screen: “What Bryan Fuller was doing with [Hannibal] felt like fan fiction made by experts, and I really love that aspect of it. So I feel like, in a way, we’re doing that with Chucky now. I’m working with all these really talented writers, all of whom are huge Chucky fans, many of whom grew up on Chucky, and despite the fact that that’s a painful reminder of my age, it’s great to hear their ideas and just to start incorporating stuff into it that I might not have thought of.”

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