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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 7 (The Bi-Sexual) Review

August 23, 2011 | Posted by Sat
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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 7 (The Bi-Sexual) Review  

In this episode, there’s a moment that clarified a problem I’ve been having to a degree since the show moved to New York. Now, it’s only been two episodes, but has the move really benefitted the show? When Larry was confronting Duckstein and asked him why they would do something in New York that they don’t do in Los Angeles, I wondered has the show done anything in New York that it couldn’t have done in LA? Has the move actually changed the show or provided new opportunities for humor that simply aren’t there in Los Angeles? No, not really. The two episodes so far haven’t used New York in a way that couldn’t be done with Los Angeles aside from some specific details easily transferred to LA. Nothing has been intrinsic to New York yet and that’s a little disappointing, I must say. The move has provided a couple of moments of humor that wouldn’t be possible in LA, like Leon showing up in this episode, but nothing critical to the episodes. Hopefully, that changes in the final three episodes. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s deal with this week’s episode first…

Episode 7 — “The Bi-Sexual”

I admire the construction of this episode more than anything. It was a tight, tight episode with the Larry/Rosie O’Donnell competition even happening in two different areas that became even more tied together with the baseball comparison to Larry popping Viagra to help his performance in bed. It was a thing of beauty how all of that came together with that scene at Cooperstown. But, it wasn’t exactly funny. Not many big laughs in this episode.

The only parts that really made me laugh were the Leon scenes. Thankfully, everyone involved realized that leaving Leon off the show for the back half of the season would be a big mistake. When he first showed up, his various throwaway remarks that Larry kept wanting to stop and focus on were great. His casual ‘take, take, take’ attitude is such a hilarious counterpoint to Larry’s neurotic outlook. And his discussion of sex in baseball terms was too funny. “Gloves catch balls!” So simple, so stupid, so funny.

The rest of the episode was amusing in that way where you don’t laugh, but still enjoy yourself. The competition between Larry and Rosie was an entertaining idea, just not want that made me laugh out loud. Not like their fight over the check last season, which was hilarious. But, Larry competing with a lesbian over a woman is a good idea and plays off his previous insecurities about not knowing what he’s doing ‘down there.’ The competition really hit its peak with Leon insisting that Larry win and pushing him to ‘juice.’

I kind of chuckled at the ‘shit bow’ stuff and wondered why the manager of the restaurant was so dismissive of Larry. I understand people getting annoyed with his complaints, but someone running a business being so dismissive seemed off unless they were planning to really push the idea of him being the type of manager who doesn’t care what people think. After a while, that felt tedious. Same with the Duckstein stuff. Both felt unnecessary and didn’t feed into the main story as much nor provided any real laughs.

One thing I wondered: why is it so bad for Larry to take Viagra? The man is 64! We’re not talking about a guy in his twenties or thirties using the drug for that extra edge, we’re talking about someone who’s basically within the target market for the drug. Then again, he’s a very youthful 64-year old who doesn’t really seem that old, so…

This is a hard episode to sum up in a way. Very good construction with the main plot having a lot of depth and resonance over a variety of scenes, it never added up to a lot of comedic moments. It was amusing, not funny; it was enjoyable overall. It’s a hard episode to rate exactly for those reasons. While there weren’t a lot of laughs, it was entertaining and pleasant to watch. Plus, I’m a sucker for strong structure and construction of an episode.

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