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Danny Trejo Has More On-Screen Movie Deaths Than Any Other Actor

February 8, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Sean Bean has all the memes regarding how much he dies in movies, but it turns out he’s not even in the top ten for most deaths as an actor. Buzz Bingo has compiled statistics for death in the movies and it revealed that Danny Trejo of Machete fame has died more than any other actor. The top ten includes:

1. Danny Trejo (65)
2. Christopher Lee (60)
3. Lance Henriksen (51)
4. Vincent Price (41)
4. Dennis Hopper (41)
4. Boris Karloff (41)
7. John Hurt (39)
8. Bela Lugosi (36)
8. Tom Sizemore (36)
10. Eric Roberts (35)

There are also other unique statistics, including which gender dies more (men, with 75.9% to 24.1% for women), who is most likely to die in a film they appear in (Kit Harington with a 62.5% chance and AJ Cook with a 50% chance) and the year in film with the most deaths (1997 with 330).

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