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Deadpool 2 Writers Address End Credits Scenes (SPOILERS)

May 19, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Deadpool 2

Author’s Note: The following contains spoilers and discussion for the ending of Deadpool 2. Please read at your own risk.

If you stayed during the credits for Deadpool 2, you saw there were some gag scenes that involved time travel and Deadpool. In the first season, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio fix Cable’s damaged time-traveling device. Deadpool then takes the device and goes back in time to save the life of his girlfriend Vanessa (Vanessa).

In other subsequent scenes, Deadpool goes back in time to rescue Peter from dying, kills the version of Deadpool that appeared in the maligned version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he also even murders Ryan Reynolds after he gets the script for the Green Lantern movie. The former was accomplished using existing footage from the Wolverine movie. Writers of the first and second film, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, spoke to IGN on the ending scenes.

Reese commented on using the time machine device, “Well, we don’t ever wanna see a time machine in one of our movies again, so that’ll be the end of time machines, I think. We’ve learned our lesson, because of the difficulties with involving time-travel in a story.”

Wernick added on the gag scene that makes fun of the Origins movie, “Fox was gracious to give us the footage and make fun of themselves and their missteps. That was existing footage – I think it got drawn out a little bit, I think they pulled raw from the movie.”

Reese added that Hugh Jackman was supportive of the gag and gave permission to the team to use the footage from the film. He stated, “Hugh Jackman was very supportive, we needed his permission. But he and Ryan are frenemies, you know, online, and in the public. But they’re actually good friends, and he was very supportive, so that was awesome.”

Wernick also weighed in on the future of the franchise and the X-Force movie, which Drew Goddard is attached to direct. Wernick stated: “Drew’s shooting a movie right now, that I think comes out October, for Fox. And then I think as soon as he clears his head, he’ll start thinking about an X-Force and put pen to paper, and then they’ve got to shoot it. So my guess is, you know, 2020 would be an X-Force? But again, that’s not an official Fox statement, that’s just pure speculating.”

He continued on the future of the Deadpool series, “We may skip Deadpool 3 and go right to Deadpool 4, though.”

Deadpool 2 is open now in theaters. You can check out 411’s official review of the movie RIGHT HERE.

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