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Details Revealed From the “Terrible” Unaired Game of Thrones Pilot

February 11, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Game of Thrones - The Wars to Come

New details have been unearthed about the original pilot for Game of Thrones that never aired, as it apparently sucked. Bill Bradley of Huffington Post found the script for the pilot at Texas A&M’s Cushing Memorial Library, where George R.R. Martin had donated his manuscripts. The script features several differences from the actual pilot that aired, from sex scenes to the White Walkers talking and more. Some details from the report are below:

* The rape scene between Daenerys and Khal Drogo as depicted in the aired episode was actually a more consensual sex scene. The original pilot hedges closer to the source novel; when Daenerys realizes that Drogo only understands the word “No” in her language, she takes control of the scene and consents to the sex. In the episode that aired, Dany cries as Drogo undresses her and rapes her from behind.

* Cersei is depicted differently in the script. For one thing, she is seen walking out of the Stark crypt and produces the feather that Robert Baratheon laid down by Lyanna Stark’s effigy, telling a handmaiden to “burn” it. Her sex scene with Jamie Lannister actually goes in the reverse direction of Dany and Drogo’s in the aired episode, Cersei only protests when she sees Bran in the window. In the original script, she tells Jamie to “stop” multiple times before Bran shows up. The original pilot also was much less explicit about the fact that Jamie and Cersei were siblings.

* Joffrey is obvious as a jerk right from the start, where in the aired version we don’t learn that until he reveals his true colors in episode two. The original pilot had the future King and poison victim asking for live steel for a sparring session as he’s “tired of swatting at Starks with a play sword.”

* Jon Snow gets drunk in the pilot episode and causes a scene, causing laughter at the dinner and Jon to run from the room.

* The White Walkers, when they show up in the opening scene, speak their own language as they approach the men who ultimately die by their hands.

You can see more details for the original pilot script for Game of Thrones at the link.

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