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Disney CEO Bob Iger Explains How Tom Holland Helped Pull Spider-Man Back Into the MCU

October 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Spider-Man: Far From Home, Jon Watts

Spider-Man is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for now, and Tom Holland had a big role to play in bringing him back in. Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Disney CEO Bob Iger discussed how Holland, who of course plays the role of Peter Parker in the Sony and Marvel films, was instrumental in bringing Disney and Sony back to the negotiating table after the two studios had split over financing and revenue negotiations fell apart.

“We had an event called D23, which is a big Disney fan event, and Tom was there because he’s a voice in a new Pixar movie called Onward with Chris Pratt,” Iger said (per JoBlo). “It was clear that the fans wanted Tom back as Spider-Man, made by Marvel and our Marvel production team. And after D23, Tom reached out to folks who work for me and said, ‘Could I please have Bob’s email address or phone number?’ Of course I’m very protected so they were very careful. And I said, ‘Sure, have him contact me.’ And he did, we spoke … It was clear that he cares so much. And actually we care a lot about him. He’s a great Spider-Man, isn’t he? I felt for him, and it was clear that the fans wanted all of this to happen. So after I got off the phone with him, I made a couple of phone calls to our team at Disney Studios, and then I decided to call the head of Sony, and I said ‘We gotta figure out a way to get this done. For Tom and for the fans,’ and we did.”

The new deal means that Marvel will co-produce the new Spider-Man film which releases on July 16th, 2021. In addition, Holland will bring Spidey back to a future Marvel film that has yet to be named.