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Edge of Tomorrow (Blu-Ray) Review

October 7, 2014 | Posted by Tony Farinella
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Edge of Tomorrow (Blu-Ray) Review  

Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, Rain Man and Born on the Fourth of July. He is a movie star and whatever is going on behind the scenes with his beliefs and personal life is of no interest to me. I know that when I see his name on the poster, I’m probably going to get a really good performance and my money’s worth.

Cruise stars as Major William Cage in Edge of Tomorrow, an officer who has no interest in battling in any type of war. He doesn’t like the sight of blood and would rather be in front of the camera doing his PR duties. However, he ends up in a battle he believes he doesn’t belong in when an alien race is unleashing an assault on Earth. Soon, however, Cage discovers that this is a mission that is impossible to win as he is in a time loop where he must fight and battle over and over again. This also means that he must die over and over again and relive the same battle and the same sequence of events.

He starts to improve however when he meets Rita Vrataski, played by the beautiful and buff Emily Blunt. She is in great shape for this role and really looks the part. She puts him through a series of tests that would make Rocky Balboa grasp for breath. If he injuries himself or breaks his back, she kills him and makes him go through the whole thing over and over again. Blunt and Cruise have tremendous chemistry together on screen and there is a hint of romance between the two of them, but it isn’t fully explored, which is probably for the best as it probably would have taken away from what was happening on screen.

The Bourne Identity) is the perfect director for this sort of project and he adds a ton to the visuals and the overall look of the film. The suit that Cruise has to wear is quite impressive and the mimics also look really, really cool. It’s fast paced, entertaining, well-acted, well-made, and an overall good time. It’s an ingenious concept that is played out really, really well. Cruise proves once again that he is a movie star and he can really do anything that is put in front of him. All of the ingredients are in place here with the star, director, co-star and the visual effects. A lot of time and effort was put into making this a good movie and it shows in the final product.

Blu-Ray Info: Edge of Tomorrow is released on a two disc Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD Ultraviolet combo pack from Warner Home Entertainment. It is rated PG13 for intense sequences of Sci-Fi action and violence, language and brief suggestive material.

Video Info: Released on 1080p high definition 16×9 2.4:1, Edge of Tomorrow looks stunningly gorgeous on Blu-Ray. All of the special effects really have some zest and pop to them. Visually, it’s flawless and crystal clear. For a Sci-Fi action film, it is exactly how you would want it to look and then some. It doesn’t disappoint in that department.

Audio Info: The DTS-HD MA: English 7.1 audio track with subtitles in English, French and Spanish is also a beautiful audio track. It’s an action film, yes, but as I’ve mentioned many times in other Blu-Ray reviews, I don’t want to leave the experience with a headache or feel as though the soundtrack is pounding and overbearing. Here, it is just right, which I greatly appreciated. It doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.

Special Features:

Storming the Beach (08:59) : This special feature focuses on the scene where they storm the beach. Liman shares his love of war films and Cruise calls it epic. They thought of it more of a war film than a Sci-Fi film. They wanted to have this massive battle on the beach and it was inspired by World War 2.

Operation Downfall-Adrenaline Cut (02:34) : This is a quick sequence from the film.

Weapons of the Future (08:25) : Cruise says that the suit would weigh anywhere from 80-85 pounds and up to 120 pounds. Blunt and Cruise talk about the suit and we also hear from the exo-suit designer. Eventually, the suit was made where every stunt could be done in it.

Creatures Not of This World (05:38) : Liman said it was the biggest visual effects movie he had ever attempted. This focuses on designing the aliens and the story of the mimics.

On the Edge with Doug Liman (42:37): This incredible behind the scenes special feature shows us what it was like making this film and how hard they worked on each and every scene. Liman said he was just trying to keep up with Tom Cruise, who said from the start that he had no problem working seven days a week. We see a ton of behind the scenes footage here and set designs as we see how the film was put together.

Deleted Scenes (07:38) : A few deleted scenes are included here as well.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Edge of Tomorrow. I knew it would be entertaining and worth viewing because of Tom Cruise, but I wasn’t sure how it would shape up in the end. I really liked what Emily Blunt brought to the proceedings and she holds her own alongside Tom Cruise. Director Doug Liman also adds just the right visual touches to make it an eye popping experience for the audience as well. There is some great craftsmanship on display here without a doubt. I don’t know if it’s a film I’d like to experience over and over again (like the characters in the film), but it is an entertaining popcorn movie as they say that is worth a rental and worth watching.

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