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Comics 411: Our Favorite Comic Book Couples

January 10, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Gambit Rogue

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Now, on with the show!

Last week we discussed DC Comics Finishes 2017 Strong! Here’s what some of you had to say:

Thomas Stockel: “We have to keep in mind those numbers are not comics sold to fans but comics shipped to stores. Axel Alonzo pulled a dirty deal on the distributors with the lenticular covers shipped out a couple months back in that stores had to buy a lot of regular covers for every lent. My local store is going to be giving away issues of Venom for Free Comic Book day, they have so many from that month.

The nick name for Nick Spencer is “Thick Spencer” for all the issues of Secret Empire collecting dust on the shelves. And I don’t believe for a moment Legacy sold nearly as well as those numbers implied because I haven’t met a single person who bought one.”

Rafe Antonio Ruiz: “Say what you will about DC movies, and I would agree with most of the opinions, but DC definitely wins with their comic book storylines. Marvel really had some terrible storylines this year, and most of their writing is done by annoying millennials. Champions has got to be one of the worst comic books I’ve ever read, with every sentence ending in an exclamation point…”

Kombat Sports: “Comics were always aimed at certain demographic. They decided that demo didn’t matter or didn’t need to be catered to anymore. They went out looking for other demos. Those demos don’t read comics. Not in large enough quantities to offset the losses by the first demographic.
Sooo we get what we have now.

Also I can read every book ever written practically, on my phone whenever I want. Why can’t I do that with comics? Or why isn’t there an all you can read subscription service? $15 a month let’s you read all comics in the format you like.

You want $5 for one comic that is like 18 pages with out adds and that is part of a storyline that crosses over with 7 other comics? No thank you.”

To read ALL the comments from the column, CLICK HERE! As always, thanks for the input!

This week we discuss…

Favorite Comic Book Couples!

I wanted to get a jump on this subject way before Valentine’s Day and every pop culture site has their “Best Comic Book Couples…” posted. Also, I’m going with FAVORITE to make it more personal as we’d debating only a few couples if we went with BEST.

While we love the action, drama, humor, and suspense comic books give us, the quiet moments are just as important and just as fun. This is never more obvious than when two characters come together as a couple and enter into a whole new world. One that is sometimes just as dangerous as the supervillains they battle.

Who stand out as favorites? The easy ones that come to mind are Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Catwoman, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson, and Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman.

They stand out not just for the longevity of their relationship but the stories that had them overcome impossible odds, have their connections tested, and become even stronger together.

They’ve also overcome some really lousy storytelling…but that’s another column for another day.

I’m sure some of you expect me to throw Harley Quinn and Joker on here but that’s not quite the type of relationship I want to celebrate. Instead I’ll offer Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

A couple like Hawkman and Hawkgirl is a given and even with a slightly confusing continuity, they remain in fans minds. The same can be said for The Flash and Iris West.

Some couples are destined to be a part, like Gambit and Rogue or Daredevil and Elektra. And while Cyclops and Jean Grey are classic, you’ll find some fans prefer Cyclops with Emma Frost.

Aquaman and Mera may not have the strong classic stories but that’s not always a prerequisite, as newer couples like Black Panther and Storm are still remembered fondly. Even if they aren’t together.

Some couples enjoy crossover love, like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and Black Bolt and Medusa. While Apollo and Midnighter might not get the same attention as others, I believe you’ll find their relationship just as strong (if not stronger) than anyone else on this list.

Personally, I’ve always liked the Black Canary and Green Arrow dynamic. They’ve born a number of great adventures and their relationship has grown from it.

What about you? Who is your favorite comic book couple?

That’s all the time I have. Check out our Comic Book Reviews tomorrow and see you next week!