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FX CEO Not Sure About Future of Louie, Talks Fargo Season Four

August 9, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

FX CEO John Landgraf spoke (via TV Line) at the TCA summer press tour, where he gave an update on a couple of series. Landgraf said at the presentation that he isn’t certain about the future of Louis CK’s comedy Louie, as it depends on CK himself.

“I really don’t have any update on Season 6,” Landgraf said. “I think it’s possible there’ll never be another season of Louie. And I think it’s also possible there’ll be four or five more seasons of Louie over the next 30 years.”

Landgraf said that CK has “changed a lot” since the last season, noting, “I think he had run out of things to say about that time in his life. … He’d become so much more successful than the Louie he portrayed on the show, that I think to him, it was starting to feel a little false. So he had to make a decision: Do I want to take the Louie on my show through the pathway of success that I’ve gone through? Or do I want to stop making it for a while? I think he decided to stop making it and move on. I think if it ever comes back, it’ll be a really different show. Because I think Louie’s already a very different guy than he was the last time he made one.”

Landgraf also stated that they’re not sure about what’s next for Fargo, saying, “We haven’t heard the idea from Noah [Hawley] for what the fourth season would be. And I think what we’ve encouraged Noah to do is think about it and make sure he has something that he’s really, really excited about and believes in. There’s at least some possibility he won’t have that idea for some period of time, but I think there’s also a possibility, because Noah’s been insanely fertile and productive, that we’ll hear that idea fairly soon.”

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