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Game of Thrones Documentary Director Worried About Leaking Information

June 4, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Game of Thrones

– Those who watched Game of Thrones probably watched Game of Thrones: The Last Watch as well. The Last Watch was a behind the scenes documentary focusing on the final season of the show. And documentarian Jeanie Finlay was worried something would leak from her team regarding the show.

“My main fear was that if there was a leak that it would come from me or my team. The documentary was also a secret. It was meant to be a surprise when it aired. So I didn’t tell anyone anything about what I was doing for two years. It was very overwhelming, trying to keep that secret,” Finlay told Variety.

Fortunately, nothing leaked from Finlay or her team. But maybe a heads up would have done everyone some good.

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