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Greg Berlanti to Direct Little Shop of Horrors Remake

December 7, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey II is getting hungry again. Deadline reports that Greg Berlanti, best known as the man who has led all four of The CW’s DC Arrowverse series, has been tapped to direct a remake of Little Shop of Horrors. Warner Bros. Pictures has set up the project, with Berlanti directing from a script by Matthew Robinson (The Invention of Lying, In Search of Humans).

In Little Shop of Horrors, a lonely and miserable shopkeep named Seymour finds a mysterious plant that only grows by consuming blood. As it grows, Seymour begins to find even more success and opportunities but the plant’s hunger begins to grow as well. The most recent film was directed by Frank Oz and starred Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, and Steve Martin. It became a hit upon its 1986 release and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects.

This isn’t the first remake of the film though; in fact, the 1986 classic was also a remake of a 1960 Roger Corman film that starred Jack Nicholson in his feature film debut. It inspired the off-Broadway musical that led to the 1986 movie.