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Hail To The Geek: The Big Bang Theory – Season 2, Episode 35

March 17, 2009 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Hail To The Geek: The Big Bang Theory – Season 2, Episode 35  

Geek HQ. Howard, Leonard, and Raj have the living room rigged up with laser lights and laptops for secret agent chess! Leonard does his move in a hoodie and grabs an aerosol can, but gets caught in a laser. While this is going on, Raj and Howard are doing a secret agent them. Sheldon comes out into the living room because it is 11AM. Sheldon has a package to drop off to Penny, but Penny has a “Don’t knock on my door before 11 or I punch your throat rule.”

Sheldon does the Penny door knock, and he gives Penny her package. Penny is starting her own business where she’s selling flower barrettes she makes herself. Penny’s goal is to stop working as a waitress. Sheldon is distraught over the news because Penny needs to serve him his cheeseburger on Tuesday nights. Sheldon notes how Penny won’t make that much money where she is currently going and volunteers his services. Sheldon’s about to leave, but Penny asks Sheldon if she can help her make more money selling jewelry. Bad move Penny. Sheldon goes on about how he will be telling her what to do. Penny agrees to Sheldon’s term. Sheldon starts out by saying Penny has to now assume everything she has done so far was wrong. Penny makes a sarcastic remark, and Sheldon starts to leave. Penny begs Sheldon to come back as he leaves. Ladies and gentlemen. This is the best show on television. This is THE BIG BANG THEORY!

“The Work Song Nanocluster

Penny’s apartment. Sheldon is strategizing on how to maximize the efficiency and output of Penny’s business. Penny’s confused about Sheldon wanting conveyor belts. Sheldon goes into a whole big lecture about assembly lines and how they will be working on the jewelry. Across the hall, the rest of the geeks are getting ready to go to a movie, but they hear singing from Penny’s apartment. They go into the apartment, and Penny and Sheldon are singing a work song while putting together Penny’s necklaces and accessories. The Geeks butt in and make suggestions about what type of glue and materials Penny should use. Leonard and the rest of the guys then get carried away about how Penny should distribute and sell her merchandise. Sheldon also notes a moisture/glitter problem. Howard observes the glitter and he’s reminded of a moisture/glitter problem with a stripper named Vega. Penny is grossed out. Penny then chirps about having a spaghetti stringer. The guys basically ignore her, and Sheldon wants to move the operation to Geek HQ. The Geeks leave to start up, and Penny isn’t even aware that the guys are taking over her business and decides to take a nap.

Geek HQ. Leonard is showing everyone a beta version of the website for Penny’s business. Raj and Howard comment on how bad the website is. Penny thinks the website looks juvenile. Sheldon advises Penny on letting Leonard because of his poor work. Leonard notes that orders are already coming in on the website, a woman in Alabama wants a flower barrettes to cover her bald spot. Sheldon wants to market them to men by adding blue tooth. Men love blue tooth. The website then gets a 1,000 item order to go to a luau in Hawaii on a one day rush. Leonard notes that Amazon has a one day rush. Penny doesn’t think they can pull off the order in one day. Sheldon guffaws and says they shouldn’t give up. Sheldon notes that the gross receipts on the order will be over $3,000 for one night’s work. Penny puts the guys to work so she can go buy shoes online.

A little later. Raj, Howard, and Leonard are making the flower berets. Raj makes a crack about how he would’ve stayed in India if he wanted to be doing hard, manual labor like this. Howard tells Raj to knock it off about the third world country nonsense, since Raj’s family was wealthy and they had a house full of servants.

Raj: “We only had four servants, and two of them were children.”

The guys note that they only have 124 finished so far. They will never be able to finish the order in time. Sheldon and Penny are singing their little sea shanty while doing their work. Sheldon stops when he hears the other guys making negative comments about finishing the order. Sheldon notes to Penny how the workforce must be carefully nurtured. Sheldon then shouts, “Less talk! More work!” Penny notes that was nicely done. Sheldon: “You hear any union talk, let me know.”

A little later. The work is starting to drag. Sheldon has passed out on the couch. Penny wakes him up and asks if he wants some coffee. Sheldon says he doesn’t drink coffee. Sheldon said when he moved to California he promised his mother he wouldn’t start doing drugs. Boosh! Leonard says they still have 300 left to make. Sheldon says he has complete faith in them finishing the rest and bids them good night. Leonard stops Sheldon in his tracks by appealing to Sheldon’s ego, and Sheldon marches right back. Penny passes Sheldon a mug of coffee. Sheldon reluctantly agrees to drink it: “Very well. But if this leads to opiates or hallucinogenics, you’re going to have to answer to my mother.”

Time has passed. Penny and Leonard are on the couch putting the merchandise in baggies. Sheldon is kneeling behind the couch and he’s totally wired from the coffee. Bad move again Penny. Sheldon is going on and on about how the universe is contracting and ends his sentences with, “BAM!” Sheldon is hopped up beyond belief on caffeine. Shouldn’t have done it Penny. More time passes, and they have finally finished. Everyone is exhausted from making the Penny Blossoms. Penny is very grateful and says she will give the guys $0.20 on every dollar sold. Howard notes that amount is Penny’s entire profit margin. Penny then says never mind. Leonard goes to print out the shipping label and notices that they’ve received another order of 1,000 blossoms from the gay, lesbian, and transsexual alliance . . . for a one day rush. Penny wants to get started on the next order. Howard can’t believe that Penny is serious. Penny says they all need to pull together and do the work. Howard and Raj refuse to help this time around, even they have lives. Leonard gives his apologies and also says no, retreating to his room. But wait, Penny’s savior! THE FLASH IS BACK! Oh wait, its Sheldon in a Flash costume. Sheldon is zooming around and wants more coffee. Penny says there is no more coffee left. Sheldon then zooms out to get more coffee.

Geek HQ. The Geeks are back to playing secret agent chess, and Raj is playing his move. Raj completes his move successfully and grabs a bite of pizza. Oh wait, they’ve changed it to secret agent laser LUNCH. Leonard notes that turning the game into lunch is just stupid. And that’s the show.

The 411: The episode was playing a little weak at about a 7.0 until Sheldon started drinking the coffee and got wired. That was golden. And then Flash costume was even more awesome. The gags with the secret agent laser chess was also great. The private business with Penny story was a little weak, predictable, and disappointing. But Sheldon acting all bossy and in charge was good.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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