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Halston Sage Shares Behind The Scenes Pic From Dark Phoenix Cameo

June 23, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Dark Phoenix Dazzler

Halston Sage only had a brief moment to make a mark as Dazzler in Dark Phoenix, but she at least had the right look as seen in a behind-the-scenes pic. Sage shared an image from the production featuring her in comics-appropriate face makeup and hair as Dazzler; you can check it out below.

Writer/director Simon Kinberg said that he included Dazzler, who appears briefly in a scene after the X-Men’s successful space mission, to honor the character’s debut during the comic book Dark Phoenix storyline. “Honestly? I’m a huge fan and I love Dazzler,” he said. “And also, if you remember the Dark Phoenix storyline, she’s obviously a part of the Dark Phoenix Saga as told in the original comic. So I wanted somewhere in there just to have an Easter egg of her, so I felt like it was the right story to do it with, and there was an appropriate scene for her to be singing in, so I brought her into the movie.”