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UPDATE: Hannibal Buress Was Reportedly Arrested For Disorderly Intoxication

December 10, 2017 | Posted by Ashish
Hannibal Buress

UPDATE: Police believe that Hannibal Buress was intoxicated at the time that they arrested him, according to TMZ. The site has acquired the comedian’s arrest affidavit and reports that according to the arresting officer, Buress approached him with bloodshot eyes and a strong smell of alcohol. Buress asked the cop to call him an Uber and when the officer refused, Buress allegedly became angry and belligerent.

The officer said that Buress then entered a bar. He says Buress was asked to leave since he was too drunk. When they got outside, the comedian then shouted profanity and caused a crowd to form. Buress was allegedly asked five times to leave before he was arrested.

ORIGINAL: Hannibal Buress was arrested after a confrontation with police at 2AM in the morning today in Miami, reports TMZ. The video below shows Buress handcuffed and challenging the Miami cops to justify what probable cause they have to arrest him.

Burress eventually refused to get into the police car after the confrontation went on for several minutes, leading to him being pushed into the police car.

The police told Burress he was arrested for trespassing but an official at the jail told TMZ that he was arrested for “disorderly intoxication.”

He ended up being released a few hours later after posting a $500 bond.

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