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Harvey Weinstein Forced To Resign From The Weinstein Company, Plans To Keep Making Movies

October 17, 2017 | Posted by Ashish
Harvey Weinstein

TMZ reports that Harvey Weinstein resigned from the board of The Weinstein Company after the Board told him he would be fired if he didn’t resign. This follows the 5 day “cooling off period” that is in Weinstein’s contract, where the Board of Directors must ratify their firing of Weinstein after 5 days pass.

This does not impact Weinstein’s claim that he was fired illegally from The Weinstein Company, as his lawyer, Patty Glaser, was at the Board meeting today and made it clear that she thinks Weinstein’s contract did not give the company the right to fire him. The Board is confident in their case and not worried, and it remains to be seen what legal recourse Weinstein takes.

Meanwhile, TMZ adds that Weinstein plans to continue to make movies with or without The Weinstein Company. Weinstein believes that while he may be “toxic” at the moment, eventually writers and actors will want to work with him again due to his track record of success.

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