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HBO Boss Says Fans Will Be ‘Really Happy’ With Game of Thrones Ending

February 9, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Game of Thrones Season 8 Tyrion

Deadline reports that during the TCA winter press tour, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys spoke about the final season of Game of Thrones, which he promised is going to please longtime fans of the epic series. Here are highlights:

On bringing the show to a close: “I think any time you end a show this important and this big, a lot of people project onto a finale what they want it to be, what fans think it should be, hope it will be. The only thing I will say as a fan of the show is that I think the guys have done a brilliant job of ending the show in a dramatically satisfying and emotionally satisfying way. I do believe that fans are going to be really really happy with how it all wraps up.”

On how things play out: “As with all things Game of Thrones, there is a lot of speculation. All I can tell you as part of this season, is it is all spectacular.”

On the money they received from new owners AT&T: “When AT&T gave us the money to invest it was not with the caveat that it was all Game of Thrones. It was for more programming, more of what we do. I think 2019 is a pretty good example of that. It is the most programming that we’ve ever done, none of it is programming that we would not have done two years ago or five years ago. It’s all high-quality, really well done programming. So the money was not contingent on here’s more money but make it all Game of Thrones all the time. I don’t think that would be smart for us. I don’t think fans of the Game of Thrones franchise would want that.”

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