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Homeless Woman Returns Cameron Diaz’s Lost Wallet

October 21, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Sex Tape - Cameron Diaz

TMZ reports that actress Cameron Diaz received help from a homeless woman, who helped return Diaz’s lost wallet.

Diaz reportedly went out to a restaurant in Beverly Hills, but on her way out, she apparently dropped her wallet on the street, containing her cash, credit card, and identification cards. The homeless lady in question is then said to have picked up her wallet and searched for Cameron Diaz to return it, believing she likely dined at the restaurant. However, the staff on hand did not believe her.

The homeless woman later left the restaurant, but decided to stay around. Someone at the restaurant eventually called police, saying that a homeless woman had Cameron Diaz’s wallet. She then returned the wallet over to law enforcement officers after they arrived. The wallet was said to have been completely intact.

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