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How Disney’s Merger Impacts Fox’s X-Men Cinematic Universe

January 14, 2019 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Deadpool 2 Disney

We’re about to see a big change in the Hollywood landscape and will be talking about its impact for years to come. Disney’s Fox takeover is coming and the fallout of the merger is ruining many a fanboy’s dreams. While it opens the door to a world of possibilities, some projects that looked promising on paper are being slashed thanks to a new reality. ,

For years it seemed Fox was announcing new projects in a goal to goad Marvel. Some projects were further along than others but now we’re getting word that the slate is being wiped clean as Disney moves to take control. Daniel Richtman has gone online with “unnamed sources” who have provided a list of dead projects, including Doctor Doom, Gambit, Silver Surfer, Kitty Pryde and Multiple Man. In his list he also mentions that the Deadpool spinoff X-Force is also dead as Fox only has around two months to begin production. Realistically it won’t come together.

For those keeping score at home, it looks like the last Fox-backed Marvel movies will be X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants. It’s worth noting that both of these projects have been delayed from their 2018 release dates and are on come out later this year.

If there was any question about the above, Deadpool’s own co-creator Rob Liefeld chimed in to commiserate the death of the project, tweeting, “Pour one out for ol’ X-Force. Victim of the merger. $800 million grosser easy.”

Besides X-Force, Gambit and Doctor Doom were the ones most inthe papers. Both projects have been in “development” talks for some time with little to no forward momentum. Gambit grabbed headlines with talks of Channing Tatum nabbing the starring role. Multiple Man made a little wave when it looked like James Franco was attached to the project.

While everyone said they wouldn’t be doing a Deadpool 3, it was mentioned they’d focus on X-Force. Drew Goddard was on board to write and direct the movie, which would reunite Cable, Domino, and Deadpool. Rumors are swirling that Disney wants to work with Ryan Reynolds and vice versa.

When the merger was first announced everyone assumed that projects would be lost in the shuffle but the question now is which ones will find new life over at Disney? Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and the X-Men are no-brainers but will any others find new life? Doctor Doom seems completely done. Gambit will be folded back into the X-Men universe as will Silver Surfer in with the FF. Kitty Pryde as well and Multiple Man had plenty of people scratching their heads on how that got greenit to begin with.

The merger will be played out for awhile but which projects were you most looking forward to?