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How Disney’s Acquisition of Fox May Impact Marvel Comics

December 13, 2017 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Fantastic Four Marvel

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Last week we discussed our Thoughts on the New Age of DC Heroes! Here’s what some of you had to say:

Carl Rood: “I kind of feel this is a “been there, done that scenario”. Big “major” event. Follow up with a bunch of new titles and/or new characters and MAYBE one will have some staying power.

Silencer, especially bugs me because in order to work as an ongoing title, she has to suddenly give up on all the stealth stuff that kept her as a “secret assassin” all these years.

As for Damage, it’s concerning that they the could write a paragraph that didn’t scream “Hulk ripoff””

Beast Incarnate Wifflebottom: “I’ll give anything a shot first a lot of these sound interesting”

Marty Confetti: “Damage sounds like a knockoff Hulk. I like the art of Sideways though. If the art is good enough to get my attention, I’m more likely to give it a shot.”

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This week we ask…

How Will the Disney Acquisition of Fox Impact the Comic Books?

The deal for 20th Century Fox to sell a majority of its media assets to Disney could be reached as early as Thursday, December 14, according to CNBC. Comcast publicly withdrew from the acquisition talks earlier this month, opening up a smooth path for Disney to move forward.

A Fox/Disney deal could reportedly be worth as much as $60 billion, with Fox shareholders to receive one share of the portion of Fox that remains after the sale, along with shares of Disney stock, offered at a fixed exchange ratio.

The proposed sale would open up the possibility for Disney-owned Marvel Studios to regain control of the full movie and television rights for its X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, as well as other popular franchises.

While this is huge news for fans who are anticipating the mingling of their favorite superheroes on the small and big screen, how will this trickle down to the comic book side?

While the X-Men have already returned to Marvel’s good graces, for the most part, with last month’s announcement of X-Men Red joining the ranks of X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue, the Fantastic Four are still splintered and unaccounted for.

Will this open the door for Marvel to bring back Marvel’s First Family? It’s a safe bet we’ll see a creative team announced sooner rather than later.

How else will the big merger impact the comic book side?

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