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Is the DC Universe Streaming Service in Trouble?

June 8, 2019 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Swamp Thing

The streaming service game is heating up and with all eyes on Disney+ rolling out later this year, everyone is upping their game.

One of the newer services is DC Universe, a place to stream DC movies and television shows, read your favorite DC comics and news, shop for exclusive DC merchandise, and connect with other DC fans.

And it might already be in trouble. In crisis, if you will.

The DC Universe streaming service is being “reevaluated” as WarnerMedia is focusing on a larger, overall streaming platform, according to Deadline.

“There have been questions how DC Universe fits into those plans,” writes Deadline’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Nellie Andreeva. During the time the DC service has been around, AT&T acquired Time Warner and began a re-organization of the company’s divisions.

One of the things that has helped the DC Universe is its originally programming. Titans and Doom Patrol have garnered plenty of attention from audiences and the trailer for Swamp Thing looked to capture the spirit and look of the character incredibly well.

Then the bad news started. Swamp Thing made headlines during production for the wrong reasons as partway through filming the studio cut the first season from 13 episodes to 10.

Now in its first week of debuting, the show was cancelled without explanation but many assume budgetary reasons. With the news of the reevaluation, bigger things are on the rise.

According to The Wall Street Journal, WarnerMedia’s streaming service will include HBO, Cinemax, and Warner Bros. media. Plus a big price tag with the plan being to charge between $16 and $17 a month.

With so many services to choose from, we’re approaching a tipping point where viewers will begin being more selective with their subscribing since they cut the cord to save money to begin with.

How DC Universe will fit in with WarnerMedia’s plans remains to be seen but I’d prefer it to remain a standalone with a reasonable price point that won’t deter the casual fan. While packaging it together with their other media makes sense, I can see it getting lost in the shuffle and having a smaller budget, hurting it’s original programming.

In a funny twist, the streaming service could be taking a page from the comic books and rebooting things.

Do you subscribe to DC Universe? Thoughts?