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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Charlie Rules the World

December 7, 2012 | Posted by Stevi Loureiro
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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Charlie Rules the World  

The writers at Always Sunny have been bouncing around this season. My favorite episodes so far have been the ones written by the guys: Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Rob McElhenney. This episode was written by David Hornsby. He’s written quite a few of my all-time favorite episodes like “Dee Gives Birth,” “The D.E.N.N.I.S. System,” and “A Very Sunny Christmas” (he’s also produced a BUNCH of the classic episodes as well), so it’s not surprising that I’m fond of this particular episode. Something I didn’t know, though, is that David Hornsby plays Rickety Cricket (total mind blow!) I know, I know. I should probably have known that a little sooner. Oh well. I’ll blame it on my being a blonde. Moving on..


We open at Paddy’s, where Mac and Frank are engrossed in an episode of Real Housewives as Charlie is doing “Charlie Work”: acting as an antenna and getting shocked (multiple times) while doing so. As Dennis begins lecturing them all on why they shouldn’t waste their time watching crap that isn’t at all like reality, he tries to convince them to go out dancing instead. (Two things: 1- Dennis always has to be better than everyone, doesn’t he? And 2- I really didn’t expect dancing to be his first choice in recreational activities.) Dee then comes in looking like hell. She’s dressed in pajamas, wearing little to no makeup, her hair hasn’t been brushed, and she admittedly hasn’t showered for a few days because she’s been “gaming like a loon.” She asks Charlie to come watch her crops for her while she goes to do errands. In a bidding war against the rest of the guys, she wins Charlie over for a whopping five dollars. Charlie, though, walks away saying that he’s doing it out of choice because he has potential and “might rule the world one day.” The guys, of course, completely disregard this statement leading Dennis to say “When that happens, I’ll blow myself.” Better watch what you say there, Dennis.

Now at Dee’s apartment, she’s giving Charlie the rundown on her virtual life as ZingingCutie23 in the game of “Techpocalypse” so he can take over while she takes care of her errands. In a brief intro into her “world,” we find out that she’s made avatars of everyone in the gang, including Charlie as her jester with a trough around his neck. Doing as he was told, Charlie takes over. When Dee returns, she finds out that Charlie has gotten her 31 more followers and completely turned her game around—putting her near the top of the, I guess, social ladder of Techpocalypse. Charlie quickly Dee out on her flaws in the game (she spends her “money” on useless items just like she does in real life—like getting her nails done like Flo Jo’s) and they decide that they need to team up or, in the virtual world, get married. In order for this to happen, though, they have to virtually consummate the marriage. This was probably my one of my favorite scenes from the episode: Charlie has no clue what “consummate” means and after Dee explains it to him, there’s this awkward moment where he eyes Dee like a hot piece of ass and asks if they should have sex. Correcting his misinterpretation of the idea, she tells him that he only needs to press a button on the keyboard. He touches it slowly and says, “Do I press it hard? Or press it slow and let you do your own thing?” After a lingering moment of pleasure, he sits back and states, “That was good.” Freaking HILARIOUS!


Meanwhile, Dennis, Frank, and Mac are at classy bar in the middle of the day, dancing to “Let’s Hear it For the Boys.” (Watching these three guys dance together was pretty priceless. A truly great moment). When Frank and Mac are feeling reluctant because no one else is dancing, Dennis decides they should do shots to get themselves fired up. While waiting for their shots to arrive, a guy sitting at the bar recognizes them from Dee’s game. Frank and Mac see this as a form of humiliation and ultimately decide they won’t take it. Dennis, of course, wants nothing to do with the virtual world that everyone else seems to be so involved in, so he embraces the life that’s happening at the moment at does 3 shots of whiskey.

At Frank’s apartment, Mac is having a hard time excelling in the Techpocalypse, while Frank is doing very well—considering he made his character a “pretty girl with big cans,” it’s understandable why. Dennis then walks in, hung over, and complains of them getting too involved in this fake world. In an attempt to explain the fascination with it, Mac has Dennis watch one of his (Dennis’) homemade sex tapes. In the tape, he’s styling a girl’s hair (and dancing around the room in what I can only assume is meant to be a form of seduction on his part) and pushes her down to her knees so she can, let’s say, perform some services. While watching the video, Mac explains to Dennis that this arouses him, Dennis, and Frank (who admittedly says, “I’m startin’ to swell”) because it’s like video games or sports: a form of virtual stimulation. While Frank starts to go on about how we don’t know if anything is real (it could all be a “turtle’s dream in outer-space”), Dennis rejects this theory and goes on with his live-in-the-real-world theory.

Back at Dee’s apartment, she and Charlie have become a full-on married couple—Dee is laying o the couch, getting virtual lip implants, while Charlie is hard at work on their land, telling her to get him some more energy balls (ground up vitamins and such to sustain his well-being). While laying around, Dee gets a chat from Frank (or SweetPeaches69 as he is known in Techpocalypse) where she finds out that he has more money and followers than her. His avatar is even wearing a mink coat. After complaining to Charlie about it, he shuts her up by putting her in her place and telling her to stop spending their money, just “be pretty”, and to let him do his job. At this point, Mac comes in, wanting to team up with Charlie. Charlie, though, asks Mac, instead, to watch Dee as he goes to meet a girl he met through the game. So Charlie heads off to the bar and meets the girl named Julie (who, if anyone else noticed, had a few similarities to The Waitress. Not that he would have known that considering he never saw her until that moment, but still). After a weird gift exchange between the two of them (she gives him the best cheese steak in Philly, while he gives her a box of spiders), we find out that he was only meeting her to gain more power in the game because, as he shouts at her while she’s walking out the door, if he’s good at the game, it means he’s good at life.

While all of this is going on, Dennis is at the mall, trying desperately to get anyone else to join him in paying attention to the real world when he sees this box-type thing that claims it helps people experience a new reality. This takes him into a little dreamland where we go on a little visit to the Mind of Dennis Reynolds. We enter into this dream-like state where Dennis is in a white room getting his hair styled by a British version of himself. British Dennis tells Real Dennis that it’s his universe and that he is God. After that, British Dennis pushes Real Dennis down to his knees just like in the video that Mac previously showed. DUDE. What is it about Dennis that is so disturbing that it makes me think to myself, “What the hell is wrong with you?!” but also makes me love him even more?)
At Frank’s apartment, he’s having a party with people he’s met from Techpocalypse. Mac and Dee arrive, Dee sporting a fur coat, and Charlie shows up as well, telling her that he needs to get back to work on their land. Dee reveals to Charlie that she found about his meeting with Julie and that she’s slept with Mac in the game and now wants a divorce—not realizing that Charlie only met with her to win them ultimate power. So frustrated with everyone, Charlie orders all the people out of the apartment to yell at Frank, Dee, and Mac and to tell them how things are going to change (for example, Dee is going to start doing Charlie work). It’s at this point when Dennis comes in with an air of arrogance and I’m-better-than-all-of-you attitude. He explains to everyone that he is a God and is therefore in charge of their realities, ultimately telling them that he has deleted their accounts because it was annoying him. “Sometimes things just sort of end,” he says as the episode cuts to end credits (with a picture of a turtle in outer-space). Very witty ending.

My random thoughts on the episode:
1- I seriously love the Dee/Charlie dynamic. Not only in this episode, but in others as well. I feel like they need to do this a bit more often.
2- Charlie pressing the “enter” button to consummate the virtual marriage was sheer hilarity.
3- Favorite Dee moment: her Flo Jo nails. Awesome.
4- Ok, why the hell did they have to show a close up of Frank eating a peach? I mean, I understand why in terms of the episode, but seriously, it was disgusting. Yet at the same time I couldn’t turn away. Damn you, Always Sunny geniuses!
5- Glenn Howerton’s British accent was damn impressive!
6- I love it when Charlie yells. His raspy, almost squeaky voice and small stature makes it so freaking funny.
7- Password: PaddysPub

The 411: Any episode that puts Dee and Charlie together is a good one to me. Along with that, the Dennis storyline was just oddly disturbing, which is always a plus with this show. Also, I appreciated the way the episode came to and end. A very clever end.
Final Score:  8.2   [ Very Good ]  legend

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