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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Frank’s Back in Business”

November 30, 2012 | Posted by Stevi Loureiro
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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Frank’s Back in Business”  

Honestly, I’m kind of up in the air about how I feel about this episode. I want to say that it’s a good one. But only because of a few key elements. After not having a new episode last week, I was hoping that this one would be good. Overall, I was generally pleased. It wasn’t one of my favorite ones of the season but the Dennis moments were enough to keep me in a positive mood about it.


The episode opens up in a different setting than usual, at a business meeting at Atwater Capital. About a dozen shareholders are surrounding a very large table trying to find a way to save the company. Only one conclusion comes to the mind of the man in charge: to call the founder of the company. The Warthog. In a split second we see Frank in his apartment on all fours, grunting, and almost growling as Charlie stands on his back looking for crow’s eggs. No wonder he’s called The Warthog.

Evidently, at Paddy’s there is a 24-hour window of time in which a person can come back and claim a missing or lost item. In this particular case, it’s a wallet. And Mac, Dennis, and Dee watch time tick down to the last second before they all can “legally” start digging into it. They find out that it belongs to a Canadian named Brian LeFevre who just so happened to have tickets to a Phillies game. Being the freeloaders that they are, they decide to take the tickets and head out to the game. Just before they do, though, Charlie and Frank come in sporting very Gordon Gekko looks: pastel shirts and suspenders. To top it off, Charlie is rockin’ a sweet bow tie. As it turns out, Frank has decided to take Charlie under his wing and teach him “how to swim with the sharks” despite his inability to read or write.

At the Phillies’ game, Mac, Dee, and Dennis walk into a box suite. Mac and Dee immediately start running around the room like kids in a freakin’ toy store, excited as all hell about the free stuff (leave it to Dee to find free batteries). While those two are in the midst of a full-on rampage of all the goodies, Dennis reminds them to keep their cool and suggests they come up with an exit strategy just in case the other people in the box realize that none of them are Brian LeFevre. Well, lucky for them, the two guys that LeFevre was supposed to meet have only talked to him over the phone. Dennis then takes on the identity of Brian LeFevre; Dee takes on Prudence LeFevre; and Mac takes on the identity of their bodyguard, Vick Vinegar. For any Always Sunny fan that name should be recognized from the episode when Dennis and Mac become realtors in “The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis.” (I’ve mentioned this in a few of my review thus far, but this season is really making quite a bit of references to past episodes. I’m pretty impressed.) After Dennis and Dee have a chance to talk to the other two guys, we find out that they were there to strike up a business deal with LeFevre, offerring “31” as a fair proposal. As Dee starts talking in an over-top exaggeration of a Canadian accent, Dennis pulls her off to the side to get her to stop. When Mac joins in on the quick pow-wow to say that he should no longer be the “bodyguard,” Dennis explains to them both that he is fully committed to his role as Brian LeFevre and that they should be as well because it’s all about the “thrill of wearing another man’s skin.” Yeah, if you think that’s weird, he says right after that, “that’s how you get off.” Yep. That’s Dennis Reynolds, for ya. Anyway, just as Dennis is acting as though he’s going to back out of the deal, the guys schmooze him by basically offering to spoil him, “Prudence,” and “Vick.”


While the others are getting into character at the game, Frank and Charlie are back at the Atwater offices, Frank is making it known that he wants to make big changes, even making note that there are “too many minorities and women.” (Honestly, I love how blunt and edgy this show gets. Even with a line so simple like that.) Frank even fires a guy because Frank was able to fix the printer—a job the random office worker was apparently incapable of. That’s Frank’s way of “cutting the crust off this shit sandwich.” Moving along in their day, Frank and Charlie are a suit-fitting as Charlie explains their schedule for the day. A day that includes racquetball shopping for Rolexes at Barney’s and going out for a business dinner at a sushi place where the food is served on a naked Japanese girl. With all the talk of having a very expensive day planned, Charlie can’t grasp the concept that the company pays for everything and that they don’t make or produce any type of specific product.

Back with the LeFevres and Vick Vinegar, they meet the two men at a country club. They tell Dennis that they have something he’ll like very much in the member’s locker room so, naturally, the Mac and Dennis head down there only to turn the corner and find a shirtless Asian boy waiting for them. The boy explains that he wasn’t expecting two guys and that because of this, he’ll be sore. Uhhhh…what?! Mac, pulling Dennis aside to tell him that the real Brian LeFevre’s into “banging little Asian boys,” decides he’s going to leave. Dennis, of course, is committed to his character is willing to do whatever he has to to get off (haha…see what they did there. Hilarity.) Once Mac quits (and Dennis fires him) from being a “bodyguard” Dennis takes a moment to focus on what he’s about to go through with, turns the corner while simultaneously undoing his belt, and finds that the Asian boy is fully dressed, in caddy gear, with a full set of golf clubs waiting for him. Embarrassed and, I’m sure, relieved, he begins fastening his belt again and asks the boy to give him a minute to collect himself. Take all the time you need, Dennis. We all know what you were about to do.
From here, the episode has a few quick scenes: Charlie and Frank go to the naked-girl sushi place to meet up with some clients. There, Charlie tells Frank what he’s found out about Brian LeFevre—that he is thinking of buying Atwater Capital. All seems well until Charlie starts talking to the clients about turning crows’ eggs into some sort of product. Frank fires Charlie for not “getting it” and Charlie goes back to the bar to meet up with Mac, who we find out is the one that gave Charlie the inside scoop on LeFevre. The two talk briefly about how they need to go into business because they’re both “about the product” when some big, detective-looking dude shows up asking if the name Brian LeFevre means anything to them.


From there, the episode cuts to a shareholders’ meeting at Atwater where Dennis (LeFevre), Dee (LeFevre’s wife), and the two men that were trying to strike up a deal with LeFevre are all in attendance. Charlie and Mac barge in while Frank is at the mic and play a video for every one. This was, by far, the BEST scene of the episode. The video is a homemade infomercial about their newest invention: Fight Milk, a protein drink made for bodyguards by bodyguards. It’s a combination of crow’s eggs, milk, and vodka, “made fresh by bodyguards…and Charlie.” Once the video ends and Frank points out that it has nothing to do with Atwater, they hold up a baggie with a cut-off finger and tell everyone there that they knew that Dennis was not the real LeFevre. They say that LeFevre was actually at their bar, was kicked out for using the bathroom while Charlie was cleaning it, and ended up getting stabbed in the alley. Which is why they have his finger in a Ziploc bag. Once the two men Dennis was using found out that he wasn’t the real LeFevre, Dennis goes into a strange and disturbing little speech about how he got off during the whole situation that just happened. He explains to Dee that even watching the video for Fight Milk got him off. But the ultimate shocker here is that seeing the finger in the baggie was his climax. He’s a sick man, that Dennis. Sick man. So anyhow, the episode concludes with Frank letting it out of the bag that even though he loves the company, he doesn’t love it as much as money, which is why he ended up selling it to the Japanese business men from the sushi dinner.

My random thoughts on the episode:
1- Favorite Dee line: “Tell him to suck on a boner!”
2- I absolutely loved seeing Frank and Charlie in their business get-ups. It was kind of refreshing to see Frank not look like a disgusting troll. Charlie, though, that man can look hilarious and awesome in anything.
3- I loved Dee’s Canadian accent.
4- I wonder if the Always Sunny site will end up selling jugs of Fight Milk. I would totally buy some.
5- “Watch your profits soar as high as a crow!”
6- Ok, seriously, what the hell is wrong with Dennis?!

The 411: Not a bad episode. The Fight Milk video was definitely a huge plus. As were the weird Dennis moments. If not for those aspects of the episode, it definitely would have gotten a lower rating.
Final Score:  7.1   [ Good ]  legend

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