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Jack Black Talks About Playing R.L. Stine In Goosebumps

July 21, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Coming Soon from the set of Goosebumps, Jack Black talked about playing author R.L. Stine in the movie in which the titular books come to life. Here are highlights:

Director Rob Letterman on using both practical and digital effects: “The best visual effects are when you shoot as much of what you can in camera. So any monsters that we could do practically, we did, and then some monsters are hybrid. We have these bug-eyed aliens that we built the suits and then from the neck up, inside the space helmet will be CGI. There are some things that you just have to commit to visual effects. But we try to flip cars and crash windows and do everything we can in camera as much as possible. And it’s really good for the actor’s performance to have something real.”

Jack Black on studying R.L. Stine to play him: “I was able to shadow him for a few months. It’s what I do for all my characters, I like to soak in the personality; and I wear his underpants, I’m actually wearing his underpants right now. I live and breathe R.L. Stine….No, I spent a couple of hours with him before we started shooting. We went out to New York and had a little lunch and just a little chitchat about scary things and about our plan for the movie and he was into it, he was stoked. I mean, it was important to us that we had his seal of approval and just to see if he had notes on what we could do differently or if he liked the direction that we were going and he was into it, so that was great.”

Letterman on casting the child actors: “It took a while to cast the kids, I was very particular. Dylan came in, he was the first guy to read for the part and I just couldn’t get him out of my head as I read…. Ryan, we were going around and around in circles and he’s just hilarious and these two writers, Gene [Stupnitsky] and Lee [Eisenberg], recommended him because he’s on their show, Trophy Wife….Odeya came in and she’s amazing, and she’s blowing up. It was a lot of bringing them in and trying different pairings, and once I had my sights set on Dylan and Odeya, then Jack came in and read with them, and that was amazing. I remember Jack turning to me and being like ‘They’re the ones, there’s no doubt.’ We all knew it.”

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