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James Cameron Says John Connor’s Story Continues in Terminator: Dark Fate

May 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Terminator: Dark Fate Linda Hamilton

James Cameron says that Terminator: Dark Fate will indeed be a continuation of John Connor’s story — after a fashion. Cameron spoke with the Flicks and the City for a new-deleted video (via JoBlo) that the film continue John’s story, though he implied that John may not be in the film itself.

“I think the best way to think about Terminator: Dark Fate is to think about it as a direct sequel to Terminator 2, the third film in a series if you will,” he said. “We’ll be continuing John’s story, with Sarah’s story, and the T-800 returns — a different T-800 with a very different role to play than what we’ve seen before.”

Cameron also said the film will be R-rated, noting, “I think, tonally, what makes this a direct sequel to T1 and T2 is as much about the tone as it is about the narrative: It’s R rated, it’s grim, it’s gritty, it’s fast, it’s intense, it’s very linear. The whole story takes place in 36 hours. It’s not this kind of grandiose, complex story. It’s just very focused on the characters, it’s very now, it’s very present and it’s just a fast white-knuckle ride.”

The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Davis, Natalia Reyes and Gabriel Luna and opens on November 1st.