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Jason Blum Says The Hunt Could Still Get Released In The Future

August 17, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
The Hunt

It was reported last week that Universal Pictures had pulled their planned release of The Hunt after recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, Gilroy, California and Dayton, Ohio. The film, a political satire modeled after Richard Connell’s 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” followed twelve conversative strangers who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being hunted by liberals.

In an interview with Vulture, Blumhouse producer Jason Blum siad that he still hopes the film will get a release once the controversy dies down. Here are highlights:

On if he’ll change his approach as a producer going forward: “I learned a lot of lessons. Wouldn’t alter my … If I was offered the choice to make the movie again, I would say yes. We definitely made marketing mistakes, and we made plenty of mistakes along the way. So I’ve learned a lot. It might change how I would position movies and how I would consult on the marketing of the movies. But actually the making of the movies? No.”

On if it will get released in the future: “Definitely a chance. I hope so.”

On if the failure of non-Disney blockbusters means people might be coming around to his business model: “I am flattered by the question. I wish I could say I had that big of an effect on the world. We’re in the middle of sea change on what is theatrical and what is streaming. I think the fact that there has been a lot of bigger movies that haven’t connected with audiences has much more to do with the consumers’ taste rapidly changing and the expectations of the consumer to see what they want to see in a theater versus at home — [they’re] elusive to everyone in Hollywood. We’re all trying to figure that out and we haven’t.”

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