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Jeffrey Tambor Accused of Sexual Harassment By Former Transparent Assistant

November 8, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jeffrey Tambor Transparent Season 4

Jeffrey Tambor has been accused of sexual harassment by his former assistant on Transparent. Deadline reports that Van Barnes, the ex-assistant of Tambor’s on the show, made a private Facebook post where she stated that he acted inappropriately with her without further clarification. Amazon, which has a standing policy to investigate such allegations promptly and thoroughly, is doing so.

Barnes appeared on an episode of the show, as well as on the Caitlyn Jenner reality series I Am Cait. Tambor issued a statement denying the allegations, saying:

“I am aware that a former disgruntled assistant of mine has made a private post implying that I had acted in an improper manner toward her. I adamantly and vehemently reject and deny any and all implication and allegation that I have ever engaged in any improper behavior toward this person or any other person I have ever worked with. I am appalled and distressed by this baseless allegation.”