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Jeremy Piven Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Third Woman

November 23, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Piven Entourage

Jeremy Piven has been accused of sexual misconduct during his time on Entourage by a third woman. BuzzFeed reports that Anastasia Taneie, who was an extra on the HBO hit in 2009, says that Piven pushed her up against a wall in a dark hallway on set as he grabbed her breasts and genitals.

Taneie said that Piven said that he and his manager wanted to discuss something with her and led her down the hallway. As soon as they were alone, she alleges, he grabbed her and pushed her up against a wall. Taneie says Piven stopped when an assistant director came by, who he then told to remove Taneie from the set because she came onto him.

Another extra on set, Araceli Giacoman, says that Piven approached the extras and “said something quietly to Anastasia and they walked away, and he took her away. It looked dark down there.” Giacoman said she had been worried that Taneie had been gone longer than expected and that when she returned, she looked “a little distraught,” “scared,” and “shaken.” Another extra, Andy Lobo, says that Taneie came into the room crying and told him Piven had forced himself on her. Taneie’s mother also confirmed she shared the story with her that day.

Taneie told the site, “I was scared at the time nobody was going to believe me. I didn’t want to make a scene. I just wanted to go home. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Piven was accused of sexual harassment by a woman late last month who said that he groped her both in his trailer during Entourage production and again at the Playboy Mansion. Another woman has since come forward.

Piven’s representative supplied BuzzFeed with the results of a polygraph that Piven underwent on November 13th in which he denied all the claims against him. The person who administered the polygraph said that Piven passed. He also told the site that one of the women, Amy Meador, was going to retract her story and asked them to wait on publishing, calling a reporter personally and saying, “You guys have done your due diligence. But I just want you to wait while you receive her information.” When the site reached out to Meador, she disputed Piven’s claim and said she wanted to proceed. Piven then called and promised “documents” that would “speak for themselves” but did not follow up.

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